5 Reasons David Cameron Is The Cersei Lannister Of Brexit

David Cameron courted extremism -- and lost it all.

As Cersei Lannister did against the Tyrells, now-former PM David Cameron courted extremism in an attempt to secure his power -- and lost it all. Maybe Cameron will watch the show in his newfound free time, but here are some of the parallels he might've missed that we commoners know all too well.


1. To quell his rivals, David Cameron made a deal with dangerous extremists

In 2015, Cameron’s Conservative Party sought reelection and to cement control against the Liberal Democrats.  That year, Boris Johnson (compared to Donald Trump due both to his flip-flopping and his hair) resigned as Mayor of London to pursue a seat in Parliament on Cameron's Conservative ticket.

The popular and egoistic Johnson was asked in 2015 whether he would seek to challenge David Cameron’s leadership of the Conservative Party and answered, “I think it’s highly unlikely that that will happen because there’s no vacancy.” A bombastic and effective campaigner, Johnson would be a force for a Conservative Party seeking to further conquer the centrist Liberals.


2. And Cameron thought he was the one coming out ahead

Like the High Sparrow's Faith Militant, Johnson offered some short-term protection against the Conservative party's rivals. Specifically, he bolstered the Conservatives against the more right wing UK Independence Party, lead by Johnson antagonist and firebrand Nigel Farage. Upon Johnson’s decision to run on the Conservative ticket, David Cameron tweeted, “great news that Boris plans to stand (in the general election) -- I’ve always said I want my star players on the pitch."


3. But tensions quickly emerged

In 2013, then-PM Cameron promised Brits a referendum on Britain’s membership in the EU. Like the High Sparrow exploiting Cersei's weakness, Boris Johnson saw his opportunity and brashly broke with Cameron, supporting British exit from the EU. In February, tensions between the two men exploded. Boris Johnson came out in favor of exiting the EU and pitted himself directly against PM Cameron, who'd publicly promised to resign if Brits voted to leave. Spectacle ensued -- in February, as Cameron spoke in favor of the Remain Campaign, Johnson shouted “rubbish, rubbish!” from the back bench. His showmanship soon won Johnson a role as the loudest (and often most controversial) backer of Brexit.


4. Suddenly Cameron found himself in deep trouble

Then yesterday, Brits voted. And this morning the Brexit referendum results arrived as firm as the walls of the Great Sept: 52 percent for leaving and 48 percent for staying. Cameron resigned his post a few hours later.


5. And now the extremists may soon be fully in charge

There is widespread speculation that Boris Johnson is poised to become Prime Minister.

And it gets worse.

In May, after lambasting “pro-Brussels fanatic” Cameron’s fight for Britain to remain in the EU, UK Independence Party’s Nigel Farrage was asked if he would work under a PM Boris Johnson. The man accused of disseminating Nazi-like anti-migrant propaganda answered, “Boris goes on surprising people... If you’d asked me six months ago I’d have said no but I’ve changed my mind.”



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