5 Reasons Doing Dishes, Laundry and Cleaning Could Be Ruining Your Creative Flow

I admire all the mothers and fathers who nurture and respect the home by cleaning and organizing. But some of us may benefit from letting go of a few tasks, to then benefit from being creative in other ways.
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1. It takes so much time to keep a house tidy especially if you have a young family. Housework is a huge part of running a family home. Most of us want to maintain some sanity while keeping a fairly organized and clean home. The stress of chores and always trying to keep it clean could in fact be taking you away from the creative time you deserve. When you are tired from cleaning you may be depleting your creative side just because of pure exhaustion.


2. If you don't enjoy the dishes or laundry the feelings you have could get in the way of your inspiration. When you truly don't enjoy doing something it can take away from those precious inspirational moments. I personally tried for years to "enjoy" housework. For some reason, it has never been my favorite chore and I had to finally forgive myself for not being the typical domestic goddess that I admire in others.

3. Sometimes getting more creative is about getting rid of distractions like housework. Have you ever walked into the forest or sat by the beach and noticed the ideas that come to your mind? Have you noticed sitting in a blank space can actually bring on the creative thought process? We all need time to clear space and find calm moments to find more clarity when it comes to creativity.


4. Cleaning can use up our energy where it could otherwise be used for being creative. Most of us know the work involved when parenting and taking care of a home. It can include laborious activities, depleting us of positive creative energy. If we spend too many hours trying to be everything to everyone and having a perfectly kept home, we can forget about our art, writing, knitting and so forth.

5. You could be using your creativity towards a beautifully kept home instead of artistic projects. Many of us can get creative when it comes to home design and decorating. Maybe you are passionate about homemaking, which is wonderful. But if you are not interested, trying to clean, decorate and do laundry all the time can be highly distracting. These tasks can take away from projects that you may want to get done on a creative level.


You may be lucky and feel inspired while doing housework, you may even love it. But if you find it distracting and housework takes you away from being creative, you may want to consider clearing mental space for creative projects. Take a step back, do less housework, let it go. You may be surprised with what you start creating. This year I let go of my own "clean house" expectations and I started doing more of what I love including writing and business building.

If you simply cannot take yourself away from the housework and something keeps pulling you to do chores. You may want to start listening to some creativity mindset audios while cleaning. I admire all the mothers and fathers who nurture and respect the home by cleaning and organizing. But some of us may benefit from letting go of a few tasks, to then benefit from being creative in other ways.

Tips For Being More Creative While Managing a Home.

1.Schedule time to step away from the house.
2.Literally clear space, so you can sit with your thoughts and find more inner creativity.
3.Be in the moment and try to stop worrying about the chores so much.
4.Ask a family member to help you so you have more creative time.
5.Hire someone to clean 1-2 times a week, if you can afford it.

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