5 Reasons Getting In Shape Is Easier Than You Think

We often make it much harder than it needs to be.
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There’s no denying that getting in shape can be difficult at times, but we often make it much harder than it needs to be. Too often people feel they need to go hungry and exercise for hours each day to see any results at all, and not only is this just not true, but this notion can often cause you to give up ― whether you have seen any results or not.

Here are five different reasons getting in shape may be much easier than you think, each of which you can use to guide you to a very healthy, effective and manageable diet.

1. You can lose weight without feeling hungry

One of the hardest thoughts to shake when it comes to weight loss is that burning fat means being hungry. A healthy weight loss plan should not require you to be hungry. Transitioning to a healthy diet of whole, all natural, and lean foods will allow you to burn lots of fat and never feel hungry.

We hear it a lot, that eating right is more important than eating less, but people often take that to concern internal health only. It is not stated often enough that eating a healthy diet will help you burn lots of fat. Rather than simply reducing the foods you are already eating, it is much more effective and healthy to eat lean food that will give you energy and keep your metabolism high, allowing your body to burn its own store of fat at a high rate without you feeling hungry.

2. You don’t need to eliminate all the foods you love

All too often we try to start our diet with perfection. Not only is this abrupt change hard to maintain, it is not necessary in reaching your goals. The key to getting in shape is to make a significant change that you can maintain and to find a balance between health and enjoyment.

It will become much easier to find this balance as you find more healthy foods that you like, but you can still indulge occasionally and have the body that you want, so long as you are eating much less junk than you used to. The results you will get from any certain change that you make will always be relevant to your current habits.

3. You don’t need to exercise for hours

Yet another notion that leads us to think that the task at hand is entirely too large is that we need to exercise for an hour or more to see real results. Again, not true at all. If you are going from little to no exercise at all on a normal basis, 20 minutes of intense exercise every day will make a huge difference in your weight and appearance.

Twenty minutes is a much more manageable amount of time, both mentally and with concern to our busy schedule. Whether you are jogging, lifting, or doing floor exercises, 20 minutes is plenty of time to break down muscle and significantly elevate your breathing and heart rate. This allows you to burn lots of calories during the workout, as well as raise your resting metabolism for an extended period (days).

As an example of how powerful 20 minutes can be, an average CrossFit workout is around 20 minutes. Even if you haven’t done a CrossFit workout, if you have heard anything about it you may be surprised that such amazing things happen in 20 minutes per day.

4. If you eat right and exercise, everything is faster and easier

It’s common to only focus on one aspect of getting in shape, such as exercising without care for nutrition, or vice versa. However, it is likely that you will only see the dramatic changes you are wanting when you both eat right and exercise regularly. You can certainly make a difference by doing one or the other, but changes will come on slower with weight loss, and if you don’t exercise you won’t be able to get in great condition no matter how much weight you lose.

However, if you regularly embrace the combined power of improved nutrition and increased exercise, you will find that reaching your ideal shape will be far easier and faster. Good nutrition fuels the results you will see from exercise and in turn exercise intensifies the effects of good nutrition. This is how the end result is more than simply additive.

When dieting the healthy way, you will have the energy to ramp up your exercise, and therefore your results, knowing that you can confidently eat more healthy food when you need energy.

5. Once you experience success, it will be easy to repeat

I cannot stress this point enough. After you start to see yourself changing in the mirror, it will be much easier to stay motivated. When you continue to see the changes and begin to trust your methods, you will find the confidence to keep doing what is already working, and step it up along the way until you have reached your end goal. When people begin to notice your changes and complement you, you might feel unstoppable.

So make getting in shape easy on yourself. Eat healthy and don’t go hungry. Raise your heart rate and work your muscles for 20 minutes per day, and take a day off every so often. Don’t feel like you have to be perfect, and trust the healthy way of doing things until you have seen proof in the mirror and on the scale.

Most importantly, get started today. Make a plan, start enjoying a healthy lifestyle and watch yourself take on a whole different shape as you do.

Corey Bustos is dedicated to helping others get in shape by living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Join him at The Shape Within to start your own weight loss journey today.

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