5 Reasons Giving Back is Good for the Soul

I talk a lot about starting a business, making money, and how to do it. But sometimes you must look at the reason we work so hard. It’s for our own happiness. That’s short-term happiness and the happiness of our souls. I believe that giving back is one of the best ways to do that.

Here are five reasons why I think giving back is good for the soul.

Helps You Connect with Your Passions

I always tell people that they must be passionate about what they do. Giving back to a cause you care about is a great way to connect with your passions in a non-business sense. I’m passionate about education and that’s why I’ve been involved in the opening of the Tim Grittani school in Bali, Indonesia in honor of one of my top millionaire students.

Good for Your Soul

Even something as simple as helping an old lady cross the road is a way to make us feel good. I feel good when I do a good deed each day. Paying it forward makes everyone feel happy. The point is that it lifts the weight from our souls. Giving back makes you feel satisfied and content.

Help those that are Less Fortunate

We’re fortunate to have grown up in the developed world where we have opportunities most other people could only dream of. I’m extremely conscious of that, so that’s why I like to try to give those less fortunate than myself more opportunities than they would otherwise get.

It can be anything, even just giving some money to a local charity. But I like to dedicate some of my time to helping those less fortunate through my time because it’s good for my soul.

Don’t Do It Just for the Tax Benefits

A lot of wealthy Americans give to charity because they get a lot of tax benefits for it. Think about your reasons for giving back. There are far greater reasons to give your time and money to charitable causes. You’re helping others, rather than the government, and you’re doing a service for society.

Even if you do it for the tax benefits, don’t lose sight of the real benefits.

You’ll be Happier

A positive soul is a happy soul. By helping others and witnessing the good it does you can tune out of the depression and misery assaulting us from the news networks. It will give you a more optimistic look on life and make you see that 99% of people in this world are great.

That realization has gone a long way to making me a happier person. And happier people naturally do a lot better in business.

Last Word – Change Your Life Today

Once you have your wealth, think of ways in which you can not only consolidate that wealth but to do things for others with it. The rewards I’ve gained from helping others have made my success all that much sweeter. And you can take advantage of those rewards too.

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