5 Reasons Hiring an SEO Manager Is the Best Decision You Can Make This 2016

While your small business' success doesn't depend entirely on how effective your SEO strategy is, the fact that it plays a huge role in getting your brand ahead of your competitors is undeniable. This is the reason why it matters so much for your small business to have a reliable SEO strategy in place and an SEO manager who will execute it perfectly. For this reason, you'd be wiser to hire an SEO manager while we're still halfway through the year so you can make sure you hit those small business goals you've set when this year started. More than that, here are other reasons getting professional help the soonest that you can will benefit you.

1. Proven experience

The right SEO manager has credentials that can surely wow you at first sight. He has three years or more of hands-on experience working with clients or with agencies, so you can be sure he knows what he's doing. He has a proven track record of implementing successful SEO strategies for varying clients, which he can show proof for.

2. Intermediate HTML Skills

Understanding and knowing how to work with HTML is like air to an SEO professional. He breathes it. He's not only skilled with the whole metadescriptions, tags, and other complex things you might not even heard about; it's second nature to him. This can at least assure you that if anything goes wrong with your site, a knowledgeable and skilled member of your team can at least figure out the cause and get it fixed.

3. Strong understanding and experience with analytics

Not only will the best SEO manager have an analytical mind and a strategic perspective; he also has a good grasp of the most common analytics program like Google Analytics so he'll be able to tweak the SEO strategies you have in place depending on the results that you get. More importantly, he knows how he can tie the SEO strategies to the major goals of your small business. In short, he can come up with a strategy that will help give you the numbers you're looking for.

4. Excellent reporting skills

More often than not, you'll be asking your SEO manager to conduct a site and competitor analysis. With that said, it's crucial for him to be able to explain what his findings are to you. This also applies to the results of PPC adverts you have in place, affiliates, and social media marketing. So you know you've got the best SEO manager if he's not only excellent in communication; he also can prove to you that he can nail the art of SEO reporting so you'll know where your business is at and how far it is from the goal.

5. Strong grasp and knowledge of authorship

With Google putting more focus on quality content, more and more small business owners want their SEO manager to show a competitive ability in the areas of blogging and online content production. Thus, he isn't expected to be good with numbers only but also in writing quality SEO articles.

SEO is not dead, making it crucial for you to invest in SEO by getting the best SEO professional right now. You won't find him right away but with dedication and patience, you'll find the best one who can help you hit those business goals to a tee and end this year strong.

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