5 Reasons I Won't Educate My Kids


I've made what some say is a controversial choice. I refuse to force-educate my kids. I will not subject my children to dangerous schoolyards, ever-changing teaching methods, and suspect curriculum just because some expert or some government entity says I have to.

I have thoughtfully considered and researched this choice -- both online and through posts on celebrity blogs -- and because I am a mom that means that the choice I've made is the right one for my kids.

Here are the 5 reasons why I refuse to educate:

1. Big Education Can't Be Trusted.

One minute it's "No Child Left Behind" and the next it's "Common Core." One day it's phonetics, then the next it's whole word. Clearly the education experts are anything but, so why would I blindly hand my child over to them?

Also, the whole system is just designed to funnel kids into expensive colleges so Big Education can take our money. All those teachers that preach taking college prep -- they're actually getting paid to encourage our kids to study. They don't really care about them.

As a parent it's my job to completely research, test, and approve all foods, medicines, and learning materials that my children are exposed to. But I can't do that. I simply don't have the time and besides, what am I, a scientist? So how can I know if what my kids learn in school is correct or safe? I can't. And I certainly can't trust money-influenced experts that don't even know my children.

2. Schools Are Dangerous.

These experts also say that education leads to better jobs, but do they deny the fact that schools are dangerous places?

I won't send my child to a place where they might be exposed to violence, drugs, or even worse, sex. No, thank you. It's a fact that learning to read leads to learning to text, and learning to sext falls naturally right behind. I'm keeping my kids safe at home where there is absolutely no sex I can assure you.

Also, what about ADHD and Autism and Dyslexia? Back before kids were force-educated we never heard about any of these problems. That proves that forcing kids to get an education must cause these problems, and is both unnatural and wrong.

3. Herd Educating Is Pseudo Science.

Some people have actually accused me of being irresponsible for refusing to educate my children, and claim that I'm putting other people's children at risk because it weakens the "herd." Well, if their kids are so smart and educated, how could my uneducated kids hurt them -- unless they're saying that stupidity is actually contagious?

If herd educating really works, then their children and my children will be just fine, won't they? If my daughter can't count her change at the grocery store then someone from the "educated herd" can help take her money. And if my son can't read the sign to know which bathroom to use, I'm sure some helpful man from the "educated herd" will be eager to take my son into a bathroom stall. I'm not worried.

4. Children Naturally Learn.

It's a given fact that kids naturally learn and grow smarter without our unnatural intervention. By simply eating the right foods, washing their hands, and taking their non-Big Pharma vitamins, children are able to naturally inherit the knowledge of the universe.

Kids don't need a bunch of unnecessary facts and figures interfering with their natural absorption of information. It confuses their minds, and many unnamed studies I've heard about have shown that educated kids have more illnesses than uneducated. Besides, any really important information will be provided to them by the wood fairies who constantly watch over and guide them.

5. Once You Educate, You Can't Un-Educate!

The simple fact is that once you've sent your child to school and educate them, you can't un-do it. Take it from me, a little education is a dangerous thing.

Parents, you have to do the research for yourselves. Be informed. Educate yourself ... but not your kids.

This is clearly a very controversial subject, but until it's proven to my satisfaction that education is safe and beneficial, I'm not taking any chances. I just wish people would realize that it doesn't help solve the debate when people like me are attacked, mocked, or vilified just for having a different opinion.

Because I'm not ignorant. I'm not selfish. I'm not dumb. I have done a good deal of critical thinking to come to my decision and because it is my personal belief, it needs to be respected as such.

Parents always know what's right for their children and, just like the Fifth Amendment protects us from absolutely any repercussions for anything we say, I have the right to voice my opinion and do what I please, because that's what freedom means. I get to make personal choices that I think are right for my child regardless of how it affects anyone else, and because I believe I am making the right choice for my child, it therefore is the right choice.

That is a fact that I dare the experts to refudiate.

This post first appeared on KristenBrakeman.com.