5 Reasons the Law of Attraction isn't making you money

Wouldn't it be lovely to ask the Universe for exactly what you want (more money, for example), and KNOW that it was going to land in your lap?

When I first read The Secret, that's how I understood it worked: Ask and you shall receive. It's a nice premise and all, but really?

However, as I've dug into my own mindset, and discovered in November 2015 that I had some badass limiting beliefs that were blocking me from receiving, I started to understand that I was putting up blocks between the clients and income that I so badly desired.

Over the past 5 months, after discovering those crappy limiting beliefs I had about money, my shifts have been HUGE, and I'm reaping the rewards.

I'll admit to you that I remain as pragmatic as ever, but I've learned a thing or five about the Law of Attraction. And those lessons are too juicy to keep to myself.

Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, if you're not making the money you want to make, this is what's holding you back:

1) You're attached to the outcome: No matter what stage you're at in your business, there comes a point where worrying does you no good. In fact, it just gets in the way of your common sense, your good mojo, and your drive.

2) You're not open to receiving opportunities: This trickles down to confidence. If you don't believe that you deserve an opportunity, you're going to repel it. Prospects and possible collaborators can smell your apprehension, and you'll miss out on the chance to grow your business.

3) You're terrified of change: Similar to number 2, if you're not ready to embrace change, why would you willingly accept opportunities? Humans have a hard time with change, and our subconscious loves to "protect" us by coercing us to stay put. Ergo, we do weird things to drive away the very people we say we want to impact.

4) You don't have faith: I'm not talking about going to church every Sunday kind of faith. I'm talking about an unwavering belief in yourself and in the world that if you want something, and if you put in the effort and take the right actions, it's yours.

5) You don't believe that you deserve money: Ask yourself, "Do I DESERVE to make money in my business?" What's coming up for you? If you have even one small glimpse of doubt, it's my experience as a money coach that you're not going to let yourself receive it.

Which ones are holding you back?