5 Reasons This Democrat Is Voting for Trump

Because he must be a really SMART BUSINESSMAN if he can still get the huge loans and corporate tax breaks he needs to float his empire despite his record of failed businesses and bankrupted hotels which have lost so many other people their jobs.

Because his refreshing CANDOR doesn't actually reveal him to be more misogynistic, xenophobic, racist, or boorish than anyone else who is just having a little fun and doesn't really mean anything by it.

Because his plans to MAKE AMERICA GREAT are so inherently compelling that he doesn't need substantive policy papers or fact-based proposals that can withstand scrutiny (or bear comparison to his own claims just days or even hours ago).

Because he's NOT IN ANYONE'S POCKET, which means he is free to taunt, mock, smear, defame, outright lie about, and whine pitifully at anyone who remotely questions his fitness for the Presidency.

Because it is April, and where Trump is involved, FOOLS are sure to follow.