5 Reasons to Consider Eloping in Las Vegas

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When most people think about Las Vegas weddings, they probably envision a tiny wedding chapel, cheap decorations, and en Elvis impersonator performing the ceremony. That may be the Las Vegas weddings we see on television, but it’s not necessarily an accurate depiction. The truth is that Las Vegas weddings can be as classy and tasteful as weddings held anywhere else in the world. Of course, one stereotype remains true, and that’s Las Vegas being a great place for couples who want to elope. Here are a few reasons why couples should consider eloping on a Vegas vacation.

Save Money

It’s more important than ever for couples, especially young couples, to save money, and a Las Vegas wedding is one way to do that. It’s usually easy to find flights to Vegas that are reasonably priced, and once you get there, getting married will be cheaper than you think. The town has plenty of wedding planners who can put together everything you need at a fair price. The buffets the city offers also make it easy to feed everyone. You may even get a few free casino chips out of the deal.

No Waiting

The point of eloping is to get married as soon as possible, and Las Vegas makes that easy to do. There are countless people and places in the city that can help you plan a wedding in a matter of hours, possibly minutes. Most places are open all hours of the night, and filling out the paperwork, finding a location, and saying your vows can all happen so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Less Chaotic

Planning a wedding usually means months of stress, as you try to plan every little detail. Amidst it all, you also have to deal with everyone else offering their opinion on every topic. In Las Vegas, you pick a wedding planner or a chapel, and they’ll take care of all the details. Sure, this may sound risky, but remember, these are professionals who do this kind of thing every day. Let someone else worry about all the details so you can focus on enjoying one of the most important days of your life.

Do Everything At Once

There are so many events associated with a wedding other than the ceremony itself, and in Las Vegas they can all take place in a matter of days. For starters, Vegas is the perfect city for both a bachelor and a bachelorette party. The happy couple can part for a day or two to spend time with a few friends in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Then after the wedding, the newlyweds can stay in Las Vegas for their honeymoon. Even if the couple is tired of Vegas, it’s easy to drive to Los Angeles or hop on a plane to New York, Hawaii, the Caribbean, or anywhere in between.

You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Tradition

People think that eloping in Las Vegas means not having a traditional wedding, but that doesn’t have to be true. Most places will let you walk down the aisle, throw the bouquet, and rub cake in each other’s faces, just like any other wedding. Vegas wedding planners and chapels are there to serve you and your wishes. In short, whatever you want your wedding to be, Las Vegas can make it happen.

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