5 Reasons To Go Green On Your Wedding This 2016

Your wedding is one of the most important and impactful milestones in your life. Thus, it's only wise to prepare for it and make sure everything's perfect on the day you'll walk the aisle. However, not all of us have the resources to make our dream weddings come true. So if you only have enough to make that special day memorable, then green wedding is a great fit for you. Green weddings not only allow you to do your share in making a difference for Mother Earth; it also helps you and your partner make a responsible choice as couples. Other than these, here are other reasons going green on your big day is a decision you'd be proud of.

1. Green weddings help you take charge.

Because going green requires more thinking, creativity, and research, you'll really have to sit down and brainstorm with your wedding planner. Since your involvement is required, you end up having a wedding that reflects you and your partner's personality, not something that others have dictated.

2. Green weddings can save you money.

According to Consumer Affairs, the average wedding causes up to $25,000 of debt for newlyweds. However, if you go green on your wedding and you do it the right way, you can expect to spend a considerably lesser amount of money. How can you do that? It's simple. You just buy whatever is important, meaning there's less stuff to get and less money spent on fancy things of less value). Lastly, you turn your focus from the bling to what really matters: love and unity in your relationship with the one you love and the loved-ones who will surround you on your big day.

3. Green weddings means less stress.

You don't need to have and spend so much money when you go for a green wedding. Thus, the stress level isn't as high as those other fancy weddings. Another plus is you get to do and celebrate what you really want, for yourself. This is as opposed to other kinds of weddings where couples fall into the trap of splurging (and stressing too much) when it's not even wise to do so just to impress their guests.

4. Green weddings are beautiful in their own unique way.

Yes, other kinds of weddings are beautiful in themselves, too but there's something special with green weddings. The idea of organic wedding menu, flowers, and eco-friendly decor are obviously irresistible. More importantly, brides can look like a celebrity bride they admire without spending much since the wedding dress they'll wear won't be as expensive.

5. Green weddings are a great way to start a healthy life.

Because the your wedding menu will boast of organic food, less stress during the preparation, and there's less pollution caused in the environment, you, your spouse-to-be, and your beloved wedding guests will reap the benefits of a healthy choice. It's one of the best ways of turning the words "I love you" into action.

Going completely green on your wedding may a seemingly impossible hurdle. However, with preparation, creativity, and planning, you'll make an environmentally sound decision which can make a difference to your life as a person and to the people you love. Now, that's the kind of wedding you'll surely want to remember, right?