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5 Reasons to Never Date a Man-Boy Like Charlie Sheen

This is an open letter to all women. Wake up! If you're attractive and are thinking about dating a man-boy like Charlie Sheen, here are five reasons to avoid this man (and men like him) for the rest of your life
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Newsflash: Charlie Sheen was found doing cocaine naked with some hookers in a hotel room. It's a shock to me! Charlie Sheen? He's such an angel. What would Charlie Sheen be doing with hookers?! He is such a relationship guy. He would never be with hookers.

This is an open letter to all women. Wake up! If you're attractive and are thinking about dating a man-boy like Charlie Sheen, here are five reasons to avoid this man (and men like him) for the rest of your life:

1. His Past Says it All: You're dating a guy who starts telling you about his past. He tells you that his past included lots of drugs and hookers (and other such things), but he has been "clean" for a whole year. He doesn't sleep with hookers or do drugs anymore, he swears. I would be very cautious of dating this guy. If a man has spent a lot of years living a debaucherous lifestyle involving hookers, partying and drugs, what makes you think you're going to be able to be Sally Fix-it and fix this guy? What makes you think this behavior is going to stop for good?

2. He Ranks You Among All His Women: If your man tells you that you're in the top 20% of all the women he's slept with, you need to run. That is what Charlie Sheen did to Denise Richards. He told Denise Richards that she was in the top 20% of all women he's ever slept with. She looked at him and said, "Well, that's just great..." He tried to tell her it was a compliment by explaining that he had slept with over 2,000 women, making her in the "top 400." Bottom line: If you're with a man who has slept with four digit's worth of women, do you truly believe he is someone who can be loyal? Come on. Wake up!

3. It's Never Enough for Him in Bed: If you're with a man who constantly tells you he likes "variety" in bed, and he has a significant history of three-ways and multiple lovers, what makes you think you are going to be the woman with whom he all of a sudden decides he wants to monogamously spend the next 25 years? He likes variety. That doesn't change. Why do men cheat? Why do certain men have that Charlie Sheen-like guy in them? It's because they like variety and that is just the way they are.

The problem is that a lot of women become Sally Fix-it when they meet this kind of guy and decide they can change him. Where the trouble starts is that most of these guys may actually want to be a monogamous family man, but they don't know how and they can't be that guy. They are not wired that way. I truly believe that somebody is wired to be monogamous or they're not. Every guy that I know who has always cheated in past relationships, also cheats in their current relationship. They do so because they like variety; they like the thrill of the chase, and they like new women. They like what I call the "new car smell." So stop trying to think you're going to be the one who can change these guys, and the one woman who will turn him into someone who will be monogamous.

4. He Wants a Family But Is Never Home: If you're dating a guy who tells you that he wants a family, but yet he is always out partying with the boys and never seems to make it home on time, then this is not a guy with whom you want to start a family. He's not going to be responsible. He's not going to be a good father. You are going to end up being a single mother. If that's what you want, then go for it and have children with a man-boy like Charlie Sheen. Enjoy your life bringing up those kids alone, because you're going to get exactly what you deserve when you go down this road with a guy like this.

5. Look at the Real Reason You Like Him: If you notice that you are consistently attracted to and/or consistently date man-boys like Charlie Sheen, you need to look deep inside yourself. You need to discover what it is inside you that is attracted to this perpetual bad boy. Look at your past. Why do you always want to be Sally Fixit and always choose to date men who need to be fixed? Why do you like a man like this? What is it about this type of guy that attracts you? Is it his dynamic personality? Do you like a challenge? Do you like always wondering where he is? Do you enjoy this? Is there a masochistic personality involved here?

Whatever it is, you need to start looking deep inside yourself. If you are attracted to this type of man, you're never going to have that long and monogamous relationship you really want. If you enjoy drama and sitting around with your friends trying to figure out a man's behavior and wondering whether he can change, then you should continue to date man-boys like Charlie Sheen. Maybe you love the challenge and you're getting exactly what you want by dating this kind of guy. If so, you're getting exactly what you want -- even though you think it's not what you want.