5 Reasons To Retire In Goa

Sure, the beaches are beautiful, but there's so much more than that here.

India has long attracted foreign retirees, thanks in part to the low cost of living and the prevalence of Ayurveda medicine. Most retirees prefer settling in the 9 main cities, with the highest numbers landing in Goa, a tourist destination in and of itself that also has a dominant Indo-Western culture.

Here are five reasons why Goa might be a good fit for you.

1. The culture

Goa boasts of a unique cultural mix of the east and the west, and is the most modern western state compared to others in India. Due to a centuries-long rule by the Portuguese, which is reflected in the area’s architecture and that many Goans became Christians. Thanks, in part to their western exposure, a variety of music is celebrated here, and as such, Goans enjoy life by playing music and dancing on the beach. Many foreign retirees there  start their own shacks, pubs and beachside restaurants in a western style. Most of the foreign tourists prefer these places and they get a feel of their homeland in India.

2. The food

The Goan culture of east meeting the west is very evident in the food styles too. Goan cuisines are a mix of Konkani (the local culture; staple food: fish curry with rice), Brazilian and Portuguese food styles. Goa is the only place is India where sausages ― especially the pork ones ― are famous. Some famous Goan items are Pao com Chouricos (spicy fried Goan sausages with onions, served in a bread roll), Iscas de Galinha (fried chicken liver) and Pork Vindaloo (pork in spicy, masala gravy)

3. The healthcare 

Health care is cheap in comparison to what many foreigners are used to. There are many elderly care services and home nurse agencies that can specially cater to the needs of retirees. Rajagiri Victor Hospital is the most famous in South Goa, where most retirees prefer to stay. Now the area also boasts several hospital chains, including Wockhardt and Manipal hospitals.

4. The cost of living

Many retirees choose to rent not own, thanks to an often-complicated visa process and rampant corruption. If you want to rent, North Goa is more expensive than South. All told, a couple should expect to spend about $950 a month on housing, food, transportation and so on, which is considerably lower than the average U.S. expenditure for a household per month. 

Siridao near Bambolim and Nachinola near Mapusa are retirement colonies that up-and-coming for senior citizens and foreign retirees. Siridao and Nachinola are quite away from the busy noisy tourist areas. The atmosphere here is quiet, peaceful, safe and pollution-free. Siridao and Nachinola can offer a Christian spiritual retirement to foreign nationals with the famous Jesus of Nazareth chapel at Siridao and Basilica of Bom Jesus in Nachinola.

5. The beautiful places 

North Goa is the lively with different activities, shacks, music dance and nightlife, but it’s also crowded with tourists during the peak season. North Goa has a single stretch of four beaches, the Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Sinquerim stretch. If you are looking for the water-sports and activities, Baga beach is the choice. Thee’s also some excellent historic sightseeing, too.

South Goa is more serene and romantic, making it a prime honeymoon destination in India. Foreign retirees tend to spend much of their time in Old Goa and Vasco De Gama. Old Goa has many Portuguese churches, while Vasco De Gama has 400-year-old monuments and is home to many English bands. The Portuguese-built Se Cathedral is a must visit place for every foreign elderly person.

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