5 Reasons to Start Wedding Planning This Holiday Season

With all of the impending chaos that the season brings, here are some reasons you should start planning your wedding now and claim some of the most sought after vendors before the holidays pass by
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The holidays are upon us! With all of the impending chaos that the season brings, here are some reasons you should start planning your wedding now and claim some of the most sought-after vendors before the holidays pass by. It's never too soon to start planning.

1. You'll beat the bridal rush.
Use the holiday season to beat the bridal rush and get the best wedding gowns

With future fiancés preparing to pop the question over the holiday season, engagement ring sales experience a boost in December. Thus the rush to the best vendors is next! All of the essential people -- from the coordinator to the photographer -- who will make your big day go off without a hitch are filling up their calendars with consultations and wedding dates. Holiday season tends to be a slower time of year for wedding professionals, so it's a great time to set up appointments for wedding gowns and flowers to ensure you get your pick before the rush and avoid competition.

2. It's the perfect time to tell family.

What better time to announce your engagement than when the family is all together? Many brides prefer to opt out of making the big announcement via their favorite social media sites and instead wait to announce the good news to their friends and families in person. Go against the grain and hold off a bit longer to surprise your loved ones with the news in person this holiday season. Also, take note of those who offer to help you with the wedding. Whether it is the day of the wedding and you need an extra hand or months in advance and you need help with a project, call them up! Delegating tasks can be difficult, but will help you out and be a wonderful way to include everyone in the celebration of your marriage.

3. It's a good opportunity to take and plan engagement photos.
Engagement photos by Clane Gessel

Don't forget to book your engagement session with your photographer as soon as possible. Engagement photos are not only a great addition to save-the-dates and invitations, but they are also a good way to get to know your photographer before the wedding day. Regardless the season for your shoot, call them now and get it in the books. Then send your photographer your (once-secret) wedding Pinterest board and start brainstorming to get the engagement photos you have always dreamed of! Think of the location, the poses you like, the outfits (matching plaid?). Get creative and bring props and signs, go someplace unexpected like a coffee shop or your special place and have fun with the photos. They are an expression of you as a unique couple and are meant to display the love that you have for one another.

4. You'll relieve some stress.
Holiday wedding

Planning a wedding can be a stressful project, but once you get the big to-dos checked off of your growing list, it gets down to the details. Set the date and get your vendors booked, then worry about the little things after the holiday season has passed. Do not forget to do your research and be smart when picking through vendors to find the perfect match! Getting these things out of the way now ensures that these tasks will not be in the back of your mind and you can enjoy being truly present with the people you are with.

5. If you pick a date now, you can let all your close family and friends know at holiday gatherings.
chihuly wedding ceremony

By the time the holidays are in full swing, you have already set the date, got a venue, booked your photographer, chosen your catering team, and maybe even wandered through some flower shops. Having some of these details ready to go is a great way to get the date out there and creates a conversation topic for even the most awkward of your relatives.

It is never too soon to start planning for the big day -- the sooner the better. The advantage of accomplishing some of the big items on your list is clear. Get it done early and have the peace of mind for the holiday season -- you'll thank us later.

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