5 Reasons to Suck It Up and Watch Frozen

So, you're one of the 5 people left on planet earth who hasn't seen Frozen yet. Congratulations - you are very renegade. But as this holiday season is upon us, the ice princesses of Disney are showing no signs of "letting go" of the spotlight.

I, too, was a would-be renegade, refusing to watch the Disney hit for the reason I refuse to watch most Disney stuff: they seem to have a tendency to murder the parents (Frozen is no exception). As a parent myself I find this more than mildly unsettling. But the movie relented. I saw half of the neighborhood children running around singing the hits, and who could have missed this Halloween where every other little girl was Elsa? I had to see what all the fuss was about.

After watching it once, I will admit it, I was hooked. This wasn't your typical boy meets girl Disney movie. In fact, it even has a twist that I didn't see coming. It got me thinking that there's probably others like me out there, who have been refusing to watch the film for, well, the sake of it. So I'm here to help you out and give you 5 reasons you should watch this movie before the craze passes you by, and you're left out in the cold. It's my holiday present to you -- permission to see this fun flick without losing too many cool points.


1. Sisterly Love.
Anyone who has a sister needs to see this film. Even if you've been living in a cave, you probably know the plot centers around two sisters and their love for each other. Everytime I watch it I am reminded of how special it is to have a sister, even if neither one of us possess the magic to freeze the world.

2. Damn good tunes.
Honestly, these songs are catchy and fun, and not just the ones Idina Menzel sings. Kristen Bell belts out a few amazing songs (who knew she could sing?) and afterwards you won't be able to keep from humming them. Plus, some of them have pretty funny lyrics, I mean, take this one for example: "Don't know if I'm elated or I'm gassy. But, I'm somewhere in that zone."

3. Kristoff is hot.
Ok, maybe this is just for some of the readers here, but the main male character is pretty adorable, even if he is a cartoon.

4. You will understand why people are asking you: "do you want to build a snowman?"
Admit it, you're just a little curious.

5. It highlights the power of love.
Cheesy? Sure, but I think in this world, it doesn't hurt to be reminded that love really is powerful, almost magical, and that it's not just prince charming kind of love either. Frozen does a great job of showcasing love in a less conventional way than most fairytales.

So go on, find out who the hell Olaf is and why in he likes "warm hugs," and why that's endearing, and not creepy. There's being a Disney renegade, and then there's missing out on something great. So give yourself permission... You know you want to.