5 Reasons Why Being a Runner Helps My Business

young fitness woman runner  running at forest trail
young fitness woman runner running at forest trail

Do you look away or change the topic when someone asks, "How are those New Years resolutions going?" 

Kudos to you for trying, whether you have stuck to those daily gym sessions or not. 

We all have goals -- but often times we fall short of reaching our target and before we know it, months or even years have past. As a new entrepreneur I've learned that in order to succeed, you need to think outside the box.

I looked over at my race medal. Last January I crossed the finish line of my first marathon. Now that I can reflect, I've made some discoveries I had to share about why being a runner helps my business. 


1. ...and get up early.

Tell me I have to wake up any time before 8 a.m. and I used to respond with a loud and forceful "UGH" or full body sigh. Now, I happily set my alarm. 

Don't get confused though, I get plenty of sleep in order to wake up eager and energetic to start the day. Mom was right -- sleep is essential to your health. 

And yes, morning people are happier overall. Read this Huffington Post article for all the other benefits.


It's amazing how many excuses, and lame ones at that, we can come up with to avoid doing things we know need to get done. But when it comes to running, the dedicated will tell you that no amount of snow, wind or scorching sun will make them skip a workout. 

Too cold? Get the right winter gear. Heat wave? Hit the treadmill. If you can drum up that many excuses, you can also come up with the same amount of solutions. 


Race day can feel so very far away. It's important to acknowledge the steps you take to get you closer to the finish line. Treat yourself to an extra long epsom salt bath or spend some extra time watching your favorite show. 

In business, you should do the same. As a new entrepreneur, my goals can often feel too far-fetched and out of reach. There's a lot of front-heavy work that needs to get done and often my head is spinning at the list of responsibilities. 

When I get what needs to be done and get one step closer-I celebrate. You should too. It's healthy for your morale and overall sense of sanity. 


You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. That might make you smile or cringe, it all depends. If you want to be successful though, you will ultimately make tough decisions about who stays and who gets voted off your island. Remember, this is not supposed to be easy, it's supposed to be worth it. 

Would you do a long run with someone who constantly complains and says, "We're just not going to make it?"


We tend to underestimate our abilities. Dream big -- just one quick Google search will tell you that what was once thought impossible, has now become a reality. 

Just like the marathon distance, your business dream may seem grand beyond belief.

If you're thinking that, give your head a shake. Read up on your favorite successful business mentors and you will soon see, there's nothing you can't achieve in this lifetime. 

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