5 Reasons Why College Girlfriends Rock

I find it amazing that we spent four years together from (the ages of )18-22 but found some commonality that has cemented us for more than 25 years... We have all been through our share of peaks and valleys in the past 25 years, but we remain able to connect without pretension or BS. That is why I love you guys.

My college friend Kelly wrote this in an email to a bunch of us the day after we got back from being together for a friend's second marriage celebration.

And I think that she nailed the sentiment. That there is something so special and irreplaceable about the friends that you make in those truly transforming college years. I wouldn't want to repeat them but man, those years were something else.

Here are five reasons why girlfriends from your college years are special:

1. When you get together, the time apart just seems to slip away. There's always a lot of talking, laughing and maybe a little drinking. Behavioral regression is definitely in order.

2. Your young hearts were broken by others yet put back together by each other. Repeatedly. And that practice has served you well in helping each other through divorce, death and some rocky times.

3. They know you differently than anyone else. You've shared beds, peed in front of them and held each other's hair. Your long-ago secrets are safe with them.

4. They knew you when you wore tube socks and Dolphin running shorts. Or had a hair perm gone mad. Or caterpillar eyebrows. Yet they only tell you how amazing you look now.

5. Your long term relationships with them, with all of the love, devotion and support, models for your kids, especially your daughters, how friendships should be: free of pettiness, judgement and full of honesty and laughs.