5 Reasons Why My Twin Sister Is My Best Travel Companion

Solo travel is all the rage right now, with a lot of people and bloggers swearing by it, expressing how it had changed their lives. I have travelled in a big group, small group and even solo – and despite the pros and cons of each of the above, I have to say that my best travel companion is my twin sister. Admittedly, there are times when we drove each other insane to the point of me wanting to tear my hair out, but I guess in the end the pros really does outweighs the cons. Here’s why my twin is my best travel companion:

Taken on the climb up <a href="http://www.laughtraveleat.com/europe/a-night-hike-up-stromboli/" target="_blank">Stromboli</a>
Taken on the climb up Stromboli Volcano in the Aeolian Islands, Sicily - moments before it erupted!

1. Nobody knows me better than she does
We have barely been separated from each other since birth; however much my sister refuses to acknowledge this, there’s no one who knows her better than me and vice versa. This really makes a different when you are traveling, because you don’t have to make unnecessary compromise as we know what the other one likes. It also helps that we have a similar travel style and are familiar with the other’s habits.

2. And let’s take another 50 photos

One of THE best things about travelling with my sister is that we can take photos of each other. No matter how carefully you pick out a stranger with good camera, the chances are that the photo taken of you is still not going to be how you want it. I once took over 50 photos (granted, it’s on burst mode) for my sister until she was satisfied with the final product. How many friends, let alone strangers, would do that for you without at least feeling a bit annoyed? As twins, we were able to be honest and boss the other around without building up pent up anger.


3. I will pay this time, you pay the next time

Your money is mine – although we don’t technically work on this basis, but the fact that we are family makes keeping track of finances on the road less of an issue. While one of us might complain about the fact that they have paid way more than the other, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. We’re twins and we have the rest of our lives to get that money back from each other. Although we often think of ourselves as the one who ended up contributing more.


4. Let’s agree to disagree, or not. It doesn’t matter

While disagreements can often lead to fallout between friends on holiday, having one with my twin just means that we will be grumpy with each other for the next hour or so. The chances are all is forgiven within ten minutes. How many friends can do that?


5. Shared wardrobe

You will get to wear twice as many clothing as you would if you were traveling alone. Warning: this only works if you are the same gender and size. Although you are welcome to try!

Now, I know that not all of us have a twin, but to be honest, traveling with your sibling can pretty much tick all of the above boxes as well. Do you agree with my points? Or do you hate traveling with your twin/sibling?