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5 Reasons Why Travel Is the Best ROI You Will Ever Make

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Travel is a journey of personal growth because it can open the doors to many life-changing experiences.

Among many things, traveling is one of life's best teachers because it expands our vision and makes us question common perceptions and misconceptions about the world.

If you're considering traveling, but have been unsure if you want to, or how to embark on a journey - I encourage you to let go of your travel fears and expand your comfort zones.

If I had decided to live in my restrictive comfort zones I would have never had the pleasure or opportunity of meeting other adventurers and like-minded people.

So far, I've had the pleasure of visiting over 43 countries.

In 2011, I decided to sell all of my possessions with the exception of my laptop, and a few clothing items and become a permanent traveler.

This means I pay rent everywhere, while staying in hotels or renting through Airbnb. Sometimes I stay for months, other times I stay for weeks or days, it all depends on the location, my interests and mood.

My luggage consists of a carry on and a laptop bag. I only keep what I need. I pack my shoes, clothes, makeup, and purses in one bag.

It's a liberating feeling to be able to fit everything I own in a suitcase. I never feel like I am leaving anything behind.

If I lose my luggage tomorrow, it's not a big deal, because everything in my luggage can be replaced.

What can't be replaced are my experiences, memories, personal growth, the smell and tastes of foods from around the world and the numerous friendships I have built along the way.

If you are curious and want to fuel your personal growth, here are 5 reasons why you should allow the world to be part of your fresh perspective.

1) Curiosity

Curiosity is the root of all travel. Travel, reintroduces us to a new part of ourselves. We gain new perspectives from experiencing and seeing something first-hand.

At times it can be very humbling to put ourselves in a situation that's out of our comfort zone.

The adventure and discovery, breaks our patterns and habits that become mindless and automatic. When we travel we become a student of the world.

2) Impermanence

Travel allows us to embrace the vulnerability of the unknown.

We form a deeper connection with other people, our beautiful planet, and ourselves. It's way more than sight seeing. It imprints a deep permanent change that takes place within.

We have no choice but to embrace change and impermanence, because we grow and get to know ourselves - we are constantly changing. Changing our opinions, views, and our habits.

3) Life Doesn't Give Refunds

Life doesn't give refunds, we have to live it and experience it. Traveling allows us to discover so many parts of our self.

Sometimes we travel to have adventures, other times we travel to see things or spend time with friends.

When we are experiencing new places and meeting new people, our senses are fully engaged.

We are in a constant state of movement and exposure to new things - some good and some not so good - but always on an adventure of expanding our horizons.

4) No Expectations

Having no expectations is the best way to experience one's self in a new context, because it's a constant surprise.

Being in a new world, surrounded by unfamiliarity, including, customs, traditions and language is one of the best ways to discover our strengths and weaknesses and experience life in a completely different way.

Travel is like telling a great story, but this time we get to be the author. We can choose to make everything into an adventure.

5) Illusions

Separation of humanity is an illusion. There is no such thing as "us against them", even though we are conditioned to believe or think that way.

To judge or have opinions about a country or its people where we've never visited is an ignorant and uninformed way to live life.

Once we open up to the world, we discover that people everywhere are the same, regardless of their language, ethnic group, religion, dress, or food.

There are many life paths to choose from, each one offers a different realm of possibilities.
You will discover more about yourself as you encounter and experience the world's diversity.

The very basic core of our living spirit is our curiosity and passion for growth.
Our joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences and the endless changing horizons of each day.

I am often left speechless when I see the opportunity and beauty in the world.
This is why I love to travel. Investing in my personal growth through travel is the best ROI I've made.

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