5 Reasons Why Women Need to Have 'Man Flu'

We have all heard of "man flu" -- that space of time where your male partner gets sick and the whole world needs to know about it. They moan, groan and generally laze around feeling miserable instead of carrying on with everyday life as women do.

Women everywhere will gripe about the fact that when they are sick they still have to get the kids organized, still have to run the household, look after others and go to work, yet when the male in the household is ill he instantly takes to his bed and spends days telling us how sick he feels and expecting to be waited on hand and foot.

Man flu is simply men doing what they know their bodies need them to do. REST! Yet for some reason women have it in their heads that men need to be chastised because they take the time to allow their bodies to heal.

It's time women took note. Man flu isn't exclusive to men. It isn't even "man" flu. It's just flu! It's a body needing to rest. It's an immune system fighting for survival. It's nature's way of telling us to slow down. The difference between men and women is that women have been conditioned for centuries to be the ones to hold the family together and to carry on no matter what.

I'm calling BULLs$*t to that!

It's time women started putting themselves first. It's time to look after ourselves when our bodies are crying out for attention. There are no awards for being the one who carries on regardless. There are no prizes for being the woman that can juggle everything while sick.

Women need to allow themselves the necessary time to get over illness and to ask for help! I know that seems shocking but yes, women need to ask for help.

Here are my five reasons why women need to have man flu:

  1. Our body is a well oiled machine. It has the ability to heal itself. When you are ill you are being shown that your body needs rest. Give it the attention it deserves and it will serve you well for many years to come. Ignore it and you will find yourself attracting more and more illness as the years progress.

  • The world will not stop without you for a few days! Surprisingly the world will continue. Sure the beds might not be made, the kids may not even get to school for a day or two, but the world will go on and will still be there when you are well.
  • The men in our lives need to feel they are able to look after us. It is an inbuilt mechanism for men that they need to feel wanted. By allowing them the time and space to look after you when you need it you are empowering them as husbands, partners and lovers. You are giving them the time to say, yes I do need you. This is something we all too often forget.
  • You need to show those around you that you cannot be everything to everyone all the time. Being the strong one is fine to an extent but not when it becomes that you live your whole life for others and never for you.
  • We need to show our daughters that it is okay to put themselves first! It's time to stop creating an environment where women are expected to be indestructible and take on all the problems of those around them without putting themselves first.
  • So next time you are not feeling well, take the time to have a dose of "man flu" -- you won't regret it!