5 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Learn French!

There are good reasons for learning other languages. As scientists unlock more of the neurological secrets of the brain, they're learning that speaking more than one language may have cognitive benefits that extend from childhood into old age. In business, knowing the language of the team on the other side of the table can make a huge difference. Diplomacy work claims capable linguists. In fact, virtually any career, public or private, is given a boost with knowledge of a foreign language. But why French?

Here is the answer:

1. As surprising as it may appear, according to a recent study released by the investment bank Natixis, the most-spoken language of 2050 won't be English or a variation thereof, nor will it be Mandarin. It'll be French. Not because the French population is booming but because it's widely spoken in sub-Saharan Africa, one of the fastest growing regions of the world. That may well be the reason why French is nowadays -- after English -- the most popular second language in China.

2. French and English are culturally and conceptually complementary. The American is pragmatic; he's got two feet on the ground; the French is conceptual, he's got the head in the stars. Feet on the ground, head in the stars, an unbeatable combination!

3. French and English are the only languages appearing on all five continents. Wherever you are, if you speak both, you get a good chance to be understood!!

4. French and English are the main official and working languages of most international organizations and are the source of the major world law systems: the civil law tradition (French) and the common law tradition (English). If you want your kid to become an international lawyer, a diplomat or an international official ... have him learning French!

5. According to the World Tourism Organization, France attracted 83 million foreign tourists in 2012, making it the most popular tourist destination in the world leaving America a distant second with 59 million. Honeymoon is Paris seems to be the number one dream for young married couples. However the dream can quickly become a nightmare once facing the occasional frost that can greet visitors of the French capital. Well, this frost will melt with your first fully formed French sentence that will be interpreted as respect. And the French Mr. Hide will suddenly become a smiling Dr. Jekyll.

Want your kid to learn a second language? Choose French ... you could do worse!!