5 Reasons Why Your Sales Star Isn't as Bright as You Think

Every sales department has a star that burns brightly. It’s a marketing mindset. Whenever a new lead comes along, you send that lead in their direction. You love them and they are happy to please. But sometimes these sales stars aren’t as good at their jobs as you think. It wouldn’t be going too far to say that they are frauds.

This guide is going to show you some of the reasons why your sales star isn’t as good as you might think for your digital marketing strategy.

How are You Measuring Success?

The problem is with determining who’s a success is not everyone uses the same metrics. For example, you may be looking at someone who’s generating a lot of sales yet they are generating leads that have little chance of actually converting.

It’s the same issue with digital marketing. You may have someone generating a lot of traffic, yet they are not actually generating traffic that’s converting. The only metric that matters is the conversion metric not the lead generation metric because this is what boosts your bottom line.

Consider how you are measuring the success of your sales star. In what way are they making you money?

The Initial Spike in Action

New hires tend to beat out their more experienced counterparts. They have a burst of energy and they are eager to please. During their first month, they will spend a lot of time and effort on generating B2B leads and making sales. That doesn’t mean the rest of your team is slacking. It simply means that the new hire is advancing well beyond their boundaries.

They can’t keep this pace up forever because nobody can. After those initial months have elapsed, they are going to sink back in line with the rest of your team. They may even sink below the team average.

What are they Actually Selling?

Like every other company, you will have products and services at various price points. The big ticket items are the ones you want to sell most often because those are what make you the most money.

If your sales star is only capable of selling low ticket items every so often, the value that they are bringing to the company could be much lower than you first think. Nurtured leads spend 47% more than non-nurtured leads.

You need to look deeper than mere sales numbers in order to understand the monetary value they are bringing into the company.

Too many CEOs just look at sales numbers without looking at revenue. And that’s not all they don’t consider…

Are they Building Effective Relationships?

There’s little point in making a sale and then that customer disappears forever. Business today is about building relationships that keep people coming back for more. If you are not building relationships with your target audience, you are going to find it hard to secure your future.

The sales team has a huge role to play in relationship building. Your star seller should be building relationships that guarantee the customer is going to come back in the future. Look at the number of sales your star makes, and then take a look at how many of these customers are making further purchases.

It’s always better to have someone who makes fewer sales but generates more loyal customers than a star seller who makes lots of sales and few repeat buyers.

Long-Term Performance

Pat someone on the back when they have a good month. It’s good to celebrate the little victories. The true mark of a great member of the sales department is how they perform in the long-term. Can they sustain their great performance for the next 12 to 18 months?

Companies survive based on how they perform in the long-term. If you can only focus on the here and now, you are going to have problems ensuring that you will remain a success story going forward.


This article isn’t designed to reveal the better members of your team as frauds. It’s supposed to show you how to delve deeper into the metrics on offer. You need to go out of your way in order to uncover the real indicators of success. It will help you to define your company’s future plans.

How will you measure sales success today?