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5 Reasons Why You're Not Broken

You are the only person professionally qualified to be yourself. So why are you spending so much of your time and energy trying to improve, enhance, fix or change the person that you already are?
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You are the only person professionally qualified to be yourself. So why are you spending so much of your time and energy trying to improve, enhance, fix or change the person that you already are? You don't have to lose five (or fifty) pounds, or find the perfect man or wear the hottest color of the season to finally be complete. There is not one more thing you need to do in order to be what you already are. You already are everything you need to be.

Still a little skeptical? Here are five reasons why you're not broken:

1. The energy that made you is not judging you.

As Albert Einstein so wisely said, "Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another." Energy just is. The infinite vibrational field of energy, or God, that shaped you, and left its signature upon you, resonates at the frequency of love and only ever expresses its absolute love for you.

2. It is only the mind, your ego, that perceives brokenness.

The standard definition of broken is to be separated into two or more pieces. Therefore, you are only fractured to the degree to which you believe you are broken. Your natural state is oneness. By labeling yourself in a negative way, you are making yourself less than, psychologically forcing yourself to take on the qualities of being incomplete, when in truth you are always whole, you are unbreakable.

3. You are not defined by how your life has been or what you've done.

Life is not a journey of overcoming obstacles, your life is a state of being-ness to be celebrated and enjoyed. Major life events such as becoming a parent, getting a divorce or managing financial loss are not being done to you, they are catalysts for your greatest evolution and growth. Sure, it may not always feel like this, but it's these very seminal events that catapult you into a greater state of harmony with yourself. Everything is happening for you, to restore you to balance in your life.

4. As long as you are breathing, there's hope.

Whether you feel devastated or elated, annoyed or overjoyed, your emotions are meant to be experienced. These feelings are neither good or bad. Once you have fully experienced a particular emotion, it will be replaced by another because emotions are energy in motion and experiencing them allows for them to change form. When you judge them as good or bad, you limit your ability to feel them and impede your growth, evolution and the recognition of your brilliance. That doesn't mean that your brilliance no longer exists. So, as long as you are breathing, you will continue to experience emotions. By removing the judgment, you will begin to live in harmony with who you are and no longer resist your experiences. Life will begin to flow. When you apply the qualities of love and trust to the experience of yourself, then you will know your innate unbreakability.

5. Give up the conflict you have with being yourself.

Do you want to know the secret to shifting gears from ordinary to extraordinary? Self-acceptance. Put down the gloves and stop beating yourself up so much. When you end your resistance to being yourself, exactly as you are right now in this moment, then you will start to experience the shifts that you've been looking for all along. When you fully accept yourself, you will naturally start to take better care of yourself, so you will eat better, exercise more and the weight that you thought was holding you back will naturally start to fall away. When you love yourself, you will see love all around you and the relationship you've been hoping for will finally arrive. Your inner world transforms your experience of being in the world. When you see that you embody all of the same gifts, talents and abilities as the Divine, then you will know the truth--you are limitless potential--there is nothing to heal and nothing to fix. Still confused? See number 1.


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