5 Reasons Women Should Stop Sacrificing Sleep

Our sleep constantly gets shafted compared to our male counterparts. In fact, modern day women are twice as likely to have sleep issues than men.
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Want to be an ideal woman in today's world? No problem. You just need to look like Gisele Bundchen, have the spirit of Malala, the net worth of Elizabeth Holmes (pre scandal), and of course be as loyal to your man as Khloe K. Easy as pie (that you should know how to bake from scratch).

In other words, society thinks modern women should do it all.

How does one attempt to do it all? Well, it starts with sacrifice. And, sleep is arguably the ultimate sacrificial lamb in a modern day woman's pursuit to keep her head above water (with carbs placing second of course). Our sleep constantly gets shafted compared to our male counterparts. In fact, modern day women are twice as likely to have sleep issues than men.

Here's why science says that needs to change:

1. Superiority is Exhausting:

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It's a scientific fact that ladies need more sleep than men. A recent study proved that a women's brain is used more than a man (duhh science) The more brain power used, the more sleep you need. Other studies have shown that the negative effects of sleep debt are also much harsher on women than men - both physical and mental.
Summary: Dogs may be a man's best friend, but sleep is a woman's!

2. That Glass Ceiling Ain't Easy to Break:

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Ladies know they have to work twice as hard as men to get half the credit (or more accurately 3x as hard for about 79 cents to the dolla). And, where do those extra hours of work, work, work, work come from? The sleep bank. Arianna Huffington, explains the irony of this in her book Sleep Revolution, "our loss of sleep, despite the extra hours we put in at work adds up to more than eleven days of lost productivity per year per worker, or about $2,800.00."
Summary: I guess we should be sleeping our way to the top after all?

3. Books Get Judged By Their Cover:

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Although, there's more technology than ever to keep up with your beauty game, there's little that can compare to a good night's sleep. A recent study in the UK analyzed the effects of sleep deprivation on women's appearances. The participants were photographed, analyzed and questioned after receiving eight hours of sleep for five nights in a row. And, then the test was repeated at six hours of sleep. The results were staggering. Fine lines and wrinkles increased by 45%, brown spots by 11% and redness by 8%. Furthermore, participants saw a 33% jump in hunger levels and a 60% jump in cravings. Indicating a clear connection between a woman's weight control and sleep.
Summary: Sleep is your most important beauty product.

4. No Time for a Britney 2007 Breakdown:

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The link between sleep deprivation and mental health is undeniable. Anyone who has missed out on significant hours of shuteye can probably attest to the crucial effects on their mood including irritability, stress, mental cloudiness and sadness. Studies have found that people with sleep issues are 10x more likely to develop depression and 17xs more likely to have anxiety. Women are especially vulnerable to these mental battles due to fluctuating hormones, complexities in the wiring of a women's brain, plus endless societal pressures.
Summary: Keep your head right by getting your sleep right.

5. The Headache Excuse Doesn't Work Forever:

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There's a direct correlation between women's sleep and their level of sexual desire the next day. A recent study by the University of Michigan showed that more sleep - at least in the case of women - equals more sex and better sex. The study showed that an additional hour of sleep resulted in a 14% increase in the likelihood of having some type of sexual activity with a partner. And, a significant increase in genital arousal and vaginal lubrication.
Summary: If you want to get your sexy back start with getting your sleep back

Want to do it all? Well, start investing in a better rest!!

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