5 Reasons You Should Keep Pushing Past Your Doubts

For some insane reason, many people believe that entrepreneurs have life all figured out. That we are happy go lucky all of the time and our business is full of rainbows that pop out magical Skittles. They seem to think that we don't know what it's like to doubt ourselves. They believe we don't understand that feeling of not knowing which direction to go. They think we are sitting back just watching the bucks roll in with no cares or stresses.

Well as much as I'd like that to be true, it's not even close to reality. The reality is some of us are figuring things out as we go, which is great because we get to come back and teach our tribes the RIGHT way to do things. Honestly, if I can help someone eliminate over half of the mistakes I've made in my business, then I've certainly served my purpose. Sometimes we are more confused than not, and sometimes even we lack clarity.

There are times that we doubt ourselves. (Insert shameful gasp here.) There have been times when we questioned if entrepreneurship was for us. However, the big difference between successful entrepreneurs and those just faking it until they make it is we know the value of not giving up. We know what lies behind curtain number one, and that's the life we've imagined for ourselves.

Entrepreneurship isn't easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. But it's totally worth it. Here are 5 reasons you should keep pushing through even when times get hard.

1. You Owe It To Yourself: You absolutely owe it to yourself to follow through on your dreams. Listen girlfriend, no one is going to support you if you don't know how to support yourself. And guess what? No one is coming to save you, or hand you a successful business. This is your dream. Your passion. Your purpose. Your Vision. Your Calling. It's up to you to see it through and make it happen. For once you should do something that makes you happier than a kid with a lollipop on a bright sunny day. It's your time to show yourself that you can have that life you've imagined, and damnit you deserve it too! Besides, do you remember the girl that quit? Neither do I. Keep pushing and give the world something to remember!

2. You'll Get Behind: Trust me when I say, you will absolutely get behind if you continue to doubt yourself and sulk in your non-clarity having misery. So what if you don't have clarity right now? Keep researching or reading until you figure it out. I take it upon myself to invest in my knowledge by reading a book per month. That's 12 books minimum per year. In fact, here are some of my favorite books that I highly recommend. The worst thing that can happen to your business is doubt. Spending just half a day in that dark room where dreams are crushed and doubt is born, is detrimental to your business. What will happen is you will begin to overvalue the bad things going on in your business and you stop focusing on all the amazing things that you have accomplished. Nothing productive happens in that dark room. Keep pushing through the doubt and move right on into your purpose.

3. Someone Is Watching You: Now when I say someone is watching you, I don't mean any of that creepy stuff. It's likely you have a child, sister, brother, family member, friend or followers that are watching you. If you give up, you are telling them that dreams aren't important. You are showing them that dreams don't matter. You're proving to them that chasing dreams isn't worth it. Part of being an entrepreneur is showing others around you that if you can do it, so can they. It's about inspiring others to launch their dreams too. So keep pushing, because someone whether you know it or not, is counting on you.

4. Your Success Is Right Around The Corner: Have you seen the image of the cartoon character digging, and digging and digging some more, and then suddenly he turns around and gives up. He's tired, fatigued, and not so confident that there was anything worth digging for. The image then shows you that had he kept digging just a little bit longer he would have hit his success. Don't be that guy. Don't give up when your success is right around the corner. Too often we give up during the process. Trust the process, enjoy the journey and keep kicking ass in your business.

5. Because Tiana Patrice Said So: If you were my coaching client I would tell you that there is no such thing as "I can't" only "I'll figure this ish out." There's no such thing as "failure" -- only "epic lessons" -- and there's no such thing as "weaknesses" -- only areas of opportunity. If you want this dream to be successful you have to get up, figure that ish out, learn some epic lessons and improve your areas of opportunity. Simple! No excuses, only brilliant results!

Keep pushing in your business, with your head just as high as your heels and give the world that special thing that only you have. What doubts and fears have you pushed past recently?

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