5 Reliable Parcel Forwarding Companies For International Shoppers

Shopping is a passion of mine, I enjoy discovering extraordinary brands that not only simplify my life as an entrepreneur, but as a mother, wife, and of course passionate shopper. One thing that I cannot stand however is discovering great brands that do not deliver to my address. It can be pretty annoying to spend time browsing a website, filling your cart, only to get a red light when it's time to pay.

Thanks to Parcel Forwarding Services, shoppers now have options, but finding a company that you can trust is the challenge. There are a lot of options available online, but as most online shoppers know, not everybody is trustworthy.

Who Are Parcel Forwarding Companies and How Can They Help Me Shop?

Parcel Forwarding companies offer you a US, EU, or Japan Address after sign up, that is free (depending on the company) Your purchases can be shipped to the address from the online store of your choice, and from there will be forwarded to your address.


Borederlinx offers two shipping addresses, one for the UK and the other, US.

Borderlinx is a great option because they not only allow you to calculate your estimated cost, but track your shipping as well. Your parcel can be held for 30 days free of charge, but after the 30 days you will need to pay a fee.

Includes repackaging and consolidating multiple packages

Shipping to 60 countries

They accept Paypal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Cash U for some countries.


UsGoBuy provides you with a US mailing address, and is one of the larger options with shipping available to over 200 countries. Like Boderlinx, USGoBuy offers many ways to pay, from Paypal, to your debit and credit cards.

Free Membership and free US Address

Including 90 days of storage, free of charge

Consolidating services are available with USGoBuy as well


With NYBox, you receive two addresses, one in New York and the other in tax-free Delaware. With two plans available, you have the flexibility of choosing one that fits into your budget. They also claim to offer 7 days a week of live customer service, which is pretty amazing.

30 days of free storage, and storage for a maximum of 65 days

Package consolidation, and options for scanning, and emailing

Paypal, and debit/credit cards accepted, as well as Western Union, and Wire Transfers


Opas allows you to have the ability to get those hard to find Japanese products shipped right to your door, shop from any online Japanese store. With Opas, you receive an address in Osaka, Japan and one in Oregon US for $25.

Waive $100 towards your first shipment

Accepts all credit cards and Paypal

30 day free storage


According to Tech-Vise Stackry comes highly recommended, and is free. They offer an address in tax free Nashua. With personal shopper services at 8% of the total price and $10 for each online store, they are a fun way to outsource your shopping needs.

All payment options available including Paypal, Amex and Wire Transfer.

They ship everywhere, and consolidate

Pictures of your shipment is available

Do you know other Parcel Forwarding companies that are reliable? Share with us below!