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5 Ridiculous Food Trends That Need to Die Today

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First of all, if you're guilty of one of these, I still adore you and I have probably tapped one of your images in Instagram, pinned it or retweeted it. But it's because I like you and your recipe and in no way endorses the use of such silliness that is a nonsensical food trend like one of these pet peeves of mine. So, don't get ruffled, keep your sense of humor intact and stop doing these things... pronto!

1 - Naked cakes
Tantalizing, beautifully frosted layer cakes are the fodder for our sweet (tooth) dreams. The almost-there frosting on naked cakes looks like the cook just got lazy and decided to stop with the crumb coat. I'm sorry if you're trying to be artsy or creative by cheating us on the frosting, but it's not working. I want the frosting on the entire cake, sides included, and I want it thick and fluffy because... it's cake!

2 - Twine on everything
I swear to you, I have NEVER tied up a stack of cookies, bars or brownies with twine, string, ribbon or anything else. Why would I? Even in the farthest reaches of my mind, if I were sharing a homemade treat, I would wrap it or box it, but I would never, ever tie it. And neither would any of you. Not to mention, those frizzy twine bits are potentially going to end up on the baked goods and that's going to feel like a hair in someone's mouth and that is just gross.

3 - Messy overflowing jars
OK. I'm a neat and tidy cook and I clean as I go. Food is my full time job, and on top of that and all the other tasks I must complete in a day, overflowing a smoothie (or any other food) and making a mess on purpose is NOT my idea of efficiency. If you make messes on purpose for the sake of a photo op, you have an abundance of time on your hands and I'd like you to share some of it with me, please, because I'm busy as hell over here!

4 - Finished plates with remnants of ingredients (garlic cloves, onion skins, etc.)
Now, I get the "show ingredients so we know what's in the dish" or because they add to the overall image we are sharing for the reader. I promise I understand. BUT no one sprinkles onion or garlic skins around a finished plate of food to serve. Just like no one drapes apple peelings, peanut shells, or any other bits that, in reality, we discard as soon as we use them. Stop it.

5 - Tiny scissors with no apparent meaning
Can you explain this one to me, please? I'm not even going to mention the dark, dismal, depressing images with food hidden there somewhere, but those crafting scissors in every dreary image is disturbing. Along with the fact that there is nothing whatsoever to snip or cut in 99% of these pics, and the scissors have absolutely nothing to do with the food being photographed, it just makes me think you're having dark thoughts about harming yourself or someone else. Put your scissors in your crafting box, away from the food.

So, these are my pet peeves when it comes to food lately. Have any of your own?