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5 Road Blocks on the Road to Big Dreams

Stay the course. Expect hurdles, and eat them for breakfast. Be fierce with your desires. Be true with your requests and rock your boundaries like nobody's business.
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Saskatchewan Canada
Saskatchewan Canada


We have all been there.

There's a decision.
A desire.
A new way to go about your days.
You're all fired up, the flame is burning brightly, and then there's a breeze, a wind, your flame flickers, spits, and fizzles.


"What the falafel just happened?"

You were going so well, you knew what you wanted. Things were finally happening, so what went wrong?

Let's dive in.


A lifestyle change is not just waking up one morning and deciding that things are going to be different now. That all of a sudden you are going to eat healthier, sleep more, use a diary, meditate, never be late, create boundaries and only eat organic.

All of these things are fabulous ingredients for a vibrant life, but when faced with real and lasting change, you are faced with hundreds of decisions every day that are going to reflect that. You have to create new neural pathways, new patterns, new belief systems and this takes repetition and commitment.

Yes, it will feel foreign initially, but you can't rush something you want to last a lifetime, and there's always quite a bit of unlearning to do.

Be Prepared

Know where you are likely to struggle and do what you need to support yourself around those times. You can set phone reminders and alarms to keep you focussed. Add framed images & vision boards to your home. Enlist the help of supportive friends to walk the talk with you, join private groups for motivation or collaborate with coaches to help keep you accountable.

Get real about what you need, and make it happen.

"I commit to saying YES to what serves me, and NO to what doesn't"


Nothing will de-rail a person quicker then believing that someone else is doing it better, has it better or is more deserving then them. When Theodore Roosevelt rolled out with "Comparison is the thief of Joy", that guy was on to something major.

We all have a beautiful set of unique qualities and skills and however that looks like is your blessing. No one can share a message the way you can. No one can rock that outfit the way you can. No one can smile and light up the room the way you can. No one will reach the same people, in the same way and live their life with the same experiences that you can.

Be Prepared

The only way to cure a case of 'comparisonitis', is through self-love and the celebration of others.

1// Loving yourself through the process of owning your story and your present is one of the bravest things you will ever do. It's thousands of decisions to honour your boundaries, forgive your mistakes and prioritise your dreams. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you will ever be in, and it's time to nourish your spirit, and not punish your soul.

2 // If you see someone doing something epic, instead of questioning your abilities, celebrate their achievements. What is meant for you will not pass you by, and your self worth doesn't diminish based on someone else's success. Can. Not. Happen. Spread light and love and celebrate the success of your peers.

"I know what I need, and commit to delivering it".


Why do you want to travel down this path?
Why do you want to move your body?
Why are you meditating?
Why are you forging through to make these changes?

If you say yes because you have FOMO, or say yes because it's what you think you should be doing, you will always come up short. You will feel lost. Dissatisfied. Resentful and the only way through is to follow this trail to the root, and get really honest.

Your 'why' will keep you focussed. Your 'why' will keep you true, and if that 'why' isn't strong enough, or you are motivated by applause rather then the cause, you can pack it in now. Respond to the call's that ignite your soul. They are the moments that light your path.

Be Prepared

If you had to write one paragraph that summed up what you want your life or your life's work to be about how would it read? Right there is your "why".

" I honour the direction in which my soul wants to go"


It's not your job to judge yourself.
It's not your job to judge others.
It is your job to ensure your own happiness whilst on this planet, and whatever else you want it to be.

You are so capable. You are so flipping powerful. You are wise beyond your years and it's no-one else's responsibility to ensure you are smiling but yours.

You're far too powerful to entrust someone else with your happiness, take back the reigns.

Be Prepared

If you aren't feeling supported in your quest - Support yourself.
If you aren't feeling loved in your quest - Love yourself.
If you aren't feeling appreciated or acknowledged in your quest - Appreciate and acknowledge your self.

" I choose the truth, and I create my happiness"


Every set back is the grounds for a come back.
Every bump in the road teaches you something.
Every perceived failure is merely a chance to learn and begin again with more focus and certainty.

All we have in this life is our perspective. We can't control what's placed in front of us, but we can determine how we respond. Things will get hard. You will be challenged, but the fear that comes along with that is nothing more then a chance for us to be brave.

If you are willing to walk away from a life that will ultimately see you soar, then your 'why' wasn't strong enough to begin with.

The only time we truly fail is when we call "tools down" on our life and dreams, and revert back to what's easy instead of what's worth it.

Be Prepared

Stay the course. Expect hurdles, and eat them for breakfast. Be fierce with your desires. Be true with your requests and rock your boundaries like nobody's business.

"I can. I will. End of story "


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