5 Secrets to Building a Successful Mobile Application

The mobile industry will forever change how we consume information around the World, unsurprisingly - we will probably experience similar changes to local communities, neighborhoods. I just read an article that says that the mobile gaming industry will soon overtake console gaming market, I wonder what those investors are starting to feel like.

I do feel there is more to it, than just some lucky coincidence. I have written - this year - extensively about mobile topics, some of my favorites include plugins for transforming your blog into an mobile application, then I wrote about the advantages of having a mobile-optimized website, and last but not least - how to accelerate your mobile web design.

Today, I'd like to go over some tips/secrets of how to maximize the success potential of your mobile applications, because new mobile programming languages provide such a great development experience, more and more people are transferring to the mobile development market, which is only looking to go all the way up.

Monitor App Health

I have found Crashlytics to be one of the best companies out there when it comes to monitoring the health of your mobile applications, they've got many large businesses behind their backs - not only supporting them, but also using their services themselves.

Even if your app goes down only for a day or so, the amount of negative reviews left on your store page can have long-term effects. Learn to analyze errors before they happen.

Easy Signup

In the last couple of years, we've seen a massive increase in apps, websites and tools that enable us to login using our social network data, but even that is becoming a bit of a difficulty - considering how freely its possible to share our data with 3rd parties.

You can opt for alternatives like username/password login, or more recently - there have been more apps that bind your mobile phone number to your account, not a bad solution.

Growth Strategy

If you analyze carefully, you realize that a lot of mobile development is focused around getting users to signup and use the app, without the users - who are you building for? With that in mind, always make sure that you're moving forward based on a strategy that should yield end result.

User Feedback

I wasn't sure to move this one up or down, but getting and analyzing user feedback is an essential part of the process when it comes to mobile applications. Your users are after a seamless experience, and it's recommended to try your app out first on at least 50 different people, before submitting to official app stores.


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