5 Semi-Inspirational Haikus for Fall


It's hard to believe that summer is finally over, but let's not lose sight of all the good things that the magical season of autumn has to offer. Crisp air, crisp air and crisp air to name but a few. Take a few meditative moments and a few deep breaths, then recite these calming haiku verses as you contemplate the beauty of the changing seasons.

Leaves have changed color
They crunch under your footsteps
Pretend they're your boss

Children trick or treat
Ask for what they want, get it
Ha. Last time for that.

Picking fresh apples
Nose runs; wipe it on my hand
Fruit not so fresh now.

It's chilly, honey
Let's cuddle, watch a movie
No! Not The Notebook!

Wait, what's this I see?
There, in yonder retail store
Damn. It's Christmas stuff.

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