5 Shocking Ways to Save Money At Costco

5 Shocking Ways to Save Money At Costco
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Nobody ever flinches when I say Costco can net over a million dollars in sales per store, each day. They just nod as they recall their last receipt. (as you are probably doing right now). And part of that memory has to do with the almost-famous $100 Costco test.

The rare pass of that test goes something like this: “Yesss, I only spent $89.23!”, as you wonder if putting back that shiny 16-pack of aluminum foil was a good idea or not. #putthefoildown

It’s basically modern knowledge that no one, short of the lady who brought $95 in cash, could possibly spend UNDER $100 at Costco!

So I’ve rounded up my 6 most comical, most honest, most helpful answers to the ultimate information of our day ― How to save money from a store we all love to spend money at: Costco.

  1. Forget everything except your Costco card. You need that card to get in, but you need to forget everything else to get out having saved at least $200. If 6 people do this per day, per store, Costco will still be rich. But so will 6 more people.

  2. Avoid entering the actual building. Just hang outside and people watch. Have you seen the places people hide their carts? It’s like they are allergic to returning them.

  3. Close your eyes until you reach the produce, then open. Proceed to stuff your cart with necessities and close again until you get to the check out. Do not look back. (The granola bars are there for a reason)

  4. Never spend date night at Costco. I don’t care if they have a 21 year-old $1.50 hotdog tradition. Think about how they make a profit on that… you can also be proud you just avoided exactly 552 of the 3.8 Billion calories consumed annually from their hot dog & buns. (69 Million hot dog & soda combos sold)

  5. Never utter the words “But I can return it anytime” when justifying a purchase. If you’re not in love with it, leave it. That’s like saying “I’ll marry him for now and use the handy return policy later.”

Keep your friends on their bulk-buying toes with surprise savings #6: Remind your new Costco friends not to forget their Visa card, since they only accept Mastercard now. They’ll thank you later when they avoid buying the clearance bag of 60 kilos of grass seed because it was “a good deal”. You’ll be the hero when you say, “But you don’t have any grass.”

I dare you to pass the $100 Costco test. Have you tried it successfully? #shareyoursecrets

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