5 Shortcuts to Productivity for Entrepreneurs

Last year I published a fairly acknowledged roundup of tips, tricks and hacks for staying productive in business, and at work in general. Around that time I also wrote about productivity when working from home.

Sure, they're both topics that I love, and try to incorporate in my daily life for one reason or the other, and today I'm hoping to bring forth a few more ideas and my reflections on how to stay productive; be it at work, home, the private office or your yacht. You can always find some time to slice.

The Morning Sun

I have always been a fairly early bird, having had times where I would be getting up at as early as 5:00AM just to get my day going right. These days, I opt for 6:00-6:30AM, and don't see a single reason to wake up at lets say -- 8:00 a.m.

I believe that we should rise together with the Sun, so as to start our days with some sort of a rhythm. If you try it for some time, you might want that you can get so much more done in the early morning hours that you ever would during the later parts of the day.

Do you love to sleep, or are you an early bird like me?

A Break is Like a Nap

The one true purpose of taking a short break from work is to forget that you were actually working, which sounds kinda weird, but trust me -- it can have immense results on your overall work performance.

Every hour or hour and a half -- take a short break, and see how the tension between the tasks fades away in just a few minutes. You'll find that it's much easier to return back to tasks even though you're still doing the same thing, essentially.

Giving up Email

Ahh, the sour words of the productivity realm! But it's true, email is one hell of a productivity killer when it comes to just blasting emails left and right. What you are longing for is the ability to take your attention away from more important tasks, to less important tasks. That's a fact!

Allocate yourself three different times of the day for checking email and spending ten or fifteen minutes on it. It might not be as easy as it sounds right now, but it will have a significant effect on how you use email communication.

Plan Your Days

There is no question about it, being able to plan your day ahead is like being one step ahead of the curve, and that's a big upside in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Even if you plan only a couple of things during the first part of the day, it's going to be enough to get you all worked up for that particular day, and so perhaps the rest of it can flow naturally.

Get the Space You Need

More often than not, our work lives become internal parts of our own personal lives, and quite often we find ourselves trying to combine the two, as if they really were meant for each other in the first place. The truth is that -- if something needs to get done in personal life, get it done and over with, otherwise it will keep interfering with your work life.

What about you? What are your shortcuts to a more productive business life?

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