5 Signs Your Life Is a Mess And How to Fix It Fast

Everybody is different, and how you detect and handle life's messes is a personal thing. Here are some general warning signs of chaos and how you can efficiently manage them:
08/17/2015 03:52pm ET | Updated August 17, 2016
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Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize your life is way out of balance? With so many aspects of life to juggle -- career, relationships, health, finances, etc -- it's next to impossible to experience continuous equilibrium at all times.

Because of that, sometimes 'sudden' disarray sneaks up. Everybody is different, and how you detect and handle life's messes is a personal thing. Here are some general warning signs of chaos and how you can efficiently manage them:

1. You have a negative attitude.
For me personally, this is my #1 indicator that I need to take inventory of my life. Whether you're generally chipper, gloomy or somewhere in between -- you may find yourself aware of a decline in your outlook.
Quick fix: Reverse your negative thoughts! Attitude is contagious, and thinking positive will boost your ambition and support a more constructive perspective. Nurture hopefulness, believe in yourself and have confidence in others!

2. You feel burnt out.
Do you feel so overwhelmed that you don't have energy to do anything? Or maybe you are doing everything but know that you can't continue like that indefinitely.
Quick fix: Prioritize, strategize, delegate and have some quality personal time every day! Determine what's most important for you to accomplish, make a plan, ask for help, and make sure you have at least 30-minutes of uninterrupted, non-negotiable, unapologetic YOU-time!

3. Your home or desk is a mess.
Neglecting day-to-day housework, accumulating clutter, disorder or other sloppiness could be suggestive of not handling things. On the opposite end, a clean house or office does not mean your life is under control. Cleaning your physical environment isn't a fix-all; however, tackling some housekeeping is a good exercise in conquering tasks and gets a productive energy flowing.
Quick fix: Clean up! There are a lot of resources out there, so if you don't know how to clean or organize - watch a YouTube vid, search the web, or outsource if you have the means.

4. Health problems.
We don't have total control over our health, but it is possible to prevent many stress-related illnesses. Symptoms and sicknesses that show up during high-stress times may be a cautionary sign to take better care of yourself. Chronic stress affects the immune system "leaving the body vulnerable to infection and disease." I bet you can probably give at least one example of a health issue you experienced that was brought on by stress. Headaches? Upset stomach? Sleep deprivation? Those are just a few!
Quick fix: Minimize stress! Way easier said then done, but... Reducing stress is a personal process so find what works for you. Two approaches I can think of are cutting down on situations that produce stress in your life, if at all possible; and/or regularly engaging in decompressing rituals such as exercise, meditation, getting fresh air, etc.

5. You are unfocused.
Purpose, direction and concentration have eluded you. Maybe you're spread thin, distracted, tired or facing another issue. It is important to regain focus so you can efficiently accomplish more, be present, and attract beneficial opportunities.
Quick fix: You can get more focused by avoiding predictive distractions, prioritizing responsibilities, taking short breaks, allotting practical timeframes for tasks, getting 8+ hours of sleep every night - those are just a few suggestions!