5 Signs You're Stepping into Your Feminine Power

In my women's circles, time and time again, I'm surrounded by women who are taking courageous steps, saying, "You know what? I've been compromising myself my whole life, and I'm over it! Now's my time."
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When I was first emerging into my feminine power, the sense of realignment with a deeper, more connected, more intuitive part of myself was unmistakable. I could feel it in my bones -- something big was about to happen.

If you're wondering whether you're emerging as a feminine powerhouse, you probably are. Take a look at these signposts and see if you recognize these experiences in yourself:

1. You've just had a major transformation

One definition of emerging that I love is "to come into being through transformation." Transformation is a funky-looking process of Frankenstein steps toward some unknown call. Maybe you have a more graceful way of going through transformation, but for me, it can be pretty herky-jerky.

But when you're on the other side of that, you see the world around you with a new, exhilarating clarity. You're feeling a wild sense of bravery, taking steps that surprise even yourself. It's time to take this new internal alignment out into the world and see what happens. It can be scary to take a leap like this, but trust in the unknown is a potent and powerful trait of the feminine.

2. You're dialed-in to your intuition like never before

Trust in the unknown doesn't mean you have to stay in the dark. But instead of automatically turning to your brain for answers, you're starting to trust your body. When a strategy doesn't feel right, when a project's getting off track, you just know, and you share that.

There's also a feeling of expansion, excitement or flutter that can't be ignored, and at some deeper level, you know that you're headed in the right direction.

3. You're looking for, and finding, your tribe

Committing to authenticity takes immense courage, and I don't believe it can be achieved alone. When I asked Brené Brown if community helped with this process, she said, "it's more of a prerequisite." We need the witnessing and reflection from others to fully step into this bravery.

When you openly, intimately and vulnerably share with others, you are infinitely more likely to remain committed to your inner truths, and much less likely to make inauthentic decisions.

4. You're no longer willing to compromise your true self

In my women's circles, time and time again, I'm surrounded by women who are taking courageous steps, saying, "You know what? I've been compromising myself my whole life, and I'm over it! Now's my time."

The energy of emerging is like a fire. Once I knew I was not the only woman in my life who was feeling that same call, I knew that the truth could no longer could be buried in order to maintain the status quo.

5. You feel called to a life that benefits others

When you step into the power of your emergence, you become free to define success on your own terms. "Making it" is no longer just about getting the corner office, it means doing work that matters -- and what keeps you up at night now is not a fear of personal failure, but this vision of exciting possibilities to make real and lasting impact on a local or global level.

It is this attention to the elevation of opportunities for everyone that makes me believe we, as emerging women, are powerful enough to truly change the world for the better.

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