5 Simple (and Cheap) Ways to Make Your Office More Inviting

If you and your team are spending every week day from 9-5 in your office, why not create the perfect environment for inspiration and innovation? These entrepreneurs made simple additions that cost next to nothing.

A. Add Plants and Pictures

2016-06-29-1467210784-3587294-LisaCurtis.pngWe printed out photos of customers with our products and our moringa farmers. The most inexpensive way to do it was to print them out via Snapfish and then mount them onto a foam board ourselves. We then purchased a few hanging plants and spread them around the office. Everyone loved it, and it cost us less than $200. - Lisa Curtis, Kuli Kuli

A. Play Music

Our company happens to own and inhabit a coworking space (to lower the costs of owning a private office). Once we purchased a Sonos, occupancy went up by nearly 40 percent. The music playing during tours made it seem much more welcoming (and probably more inspiring) than silence. - Jon Bradford, Colab

A. Add Green and Blue Colors

2016-06-29-1467210849-4633158-ArryYu.pngWe are more grounded and creative when connected to nature. Filling an office with green and blue colors, which simulate nature, can create a serene and welcoming environment. - Arry Yu, GiftStarter.com

A. Install Daylight Light Bulbs

This is definitely a great addition to the office because a sunrise signifies a new day. Daylight light bulbs are cheap and a great source of inspiration. - Ajmal Saleem, Private Tutoring Houston

A. Incorporate Your Team

2016-06-29-1467210913-8762762-JessicaBaker.pngAt AlignedSigns.com, we value original thinkers who take the initiative and have conviction in their thoughts and ideas. So, challenge every person to come up with an idea of how to improve the office. Then, give a budget on the items and offer 50 percent of the money saved as a bonus to whoever can cut the most. - Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

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