5 Simple and Powerful Super Moon Rituals to Help Release, Heal and Manifest.

Young woman in meditation at the full moon.
Young woman in meditation at the full moon.

On November 14, 2016 we will experience a Super Moon. A Super moon means that the moon will be really close to the earth and will be much brighter than normal full moons are, and, they are rare. The last time we had a super moon was in 1948 and we won’t see another until 2034, that’s another 18 years away!

I’ve always been drawn to the power and the beauty of the moon, it stirs something deep inside me, maybe it’s because ever since I was a child, when I looked to the moon, it represented strength, hope, security and peace. And these days, I have an even stronger affinity to it because my late grandmother’s name in Persian meant God of the Moon, that’s a loose translation by me, but nevertheless, every time I look at the moon, I say hi to my grandmother.

And then, not that long ago, by following my curiosity, I found out that Native American Indians refer to the moon, as grandmother moon, the wisest and oldest grandmother. They say that the moon is the guide for all women around the world, that she is there for you to pour your heart and soul out to, to tell her about your deepest, darkest fears and biggest wishes and wildest dreams, to surrender the pain, guilt, fear and worry or any other burden you may be feeling and, to seek and gain guidance from her.

How beautiful is that?

It’s kind of sad that in Western cultures, despite the deep desire and urge to feel connection, we don’t have any similar traditions or, it’s not the norm to practice rituals to help us heal our hearts and spirits. I don’t know about you, but I spent years feeling as though I had to hide this side of me away so I wouldn’t be branded as crazy or, as a lawyer, so I wouldn’t “tarnish” my professional reputation!

Talk about adding to the stress of already living in a world that is so fast paced and often cold and detached. I believe things are changing because more and more people, especially women, are really getting in touch with this side of them, and the more of us that talk openly about it, then it won’t be branded as being unusual or crazy.

Anyway, if you are feeling this pull towards connecting with something deeper and following your curiosity to tap into this powerful mother of a super moon, I have some tips to help you release, surrender and heal. Before we continue though, I would like for you keep in mind, that if any of what I suggest doesn’t resonate, feel free to can it or alter it, or even better, create your own! There is no right or wrong when you are guided by your heart and intuition.

Here are five ways you can work with the energies and power of the super moon:

1. If you are feeling blocked in any way, as in, there is something you really want to happen and it just isn’t, no matter how much you feel that you have worked on it, then this ritual is for you. Not that long ago, I felt as though things wouldn’t change for me, I felt trapped in a stagnant kind of energy, I felt as though I had done a whole heap of self work, had done forgiveness work, hired healers and even studied and became a reiki master, but for some reason, the same problems kept appearing in my life, obviously for me to learn from, but I was blind to what it was exactly.

In February there was a a very powerful full moon, and I felt guided, the night before the full moon, to write out all of my fears, hopes, wishes and biggest and most daring dreams. I also wrote down the names of people and situations that I felt anger towards and asked to be released of the anger and instead to feel love. I didn’t hold back. I then folded up the piece of paper and poured some drops of essential oils I intuitively felt called to use on the paper. I put the paper in a tin until the following night of the full moon.

I then tore up the piece of paper into smaller pieces and burnt it.

I talked to the moon and God as I was doing it, the conversation you have is between you and them, so say what you feel guided to say, no need to rehearse or have anything prepared, speak from the heart.

After I burnt the paper, it formed ash, I then scattered the ash and as I did, I asked the moon and God to bless everything on that paper and sent it away with love and thanked everything on the paper for coming in to my life. And that was it. Just that process made me feel lighter and more confident in myself. From the month of May until now, the energies have been moving so fast, I haven’t been able to keep up, it’s been an amazing ride!

2. The moonlight is said to be very potent in cleansing things, so it won’t be a surprise to know that a lot of people use the power of a full moon to cleanse and charge their crystal collection. I have various pieces of crystals that I use in my work and for myself, so when I remember, I sit them outside under the moon light to bask in the energies.

If you don’t have crystals, you can put anything you want to be cleansed and charged under the moonlight, for example jewellery that is precious to you, or you could even write down what you want cleansed and charged on a piece of paper and leave that out. You can even “moon bathe” - I have done this a couple of times, lay down on my sun lounge gazing up at the moon and the stars whilst basking in the moonlight. I either sit in silence or, silently chat to God and the moon.

If you live in an apartment without a balcony or backyard, you can leave your crystals by the window.

3. Another thing I tried this year during one of the full moons was candle making. I Googled a simple candle making recipe, and found this amazing recipe made from Copha.

Anyway my intention with making this candle was to open my heart more. I was drawn to adding crystal chips and essential oils to my candles once they were in the jars. I chose green chips to represent the heart chakra and used a combination of essential oils to enhance the power of the candles. Don’t stress if you don’t have any of these things, it’s all in your intention and always follow your intuition or gut, you can’t muck this up!

While making the candle and when lighting it, focus on your intention, speak from your heart abut what it is you want. You can make up your own prayer or affirmation and you can make a candle for anything that you want, for example, if you want more abundance, or if you want to meet your soul mate, or you want to find the house that is meant for you or you simply want peace or to make one as a symbol of gratitude for all that you have in your life. There is no limit. The main thing to remember is that when you ask for something you want, make sure you have checked in with yourself 100% that it is actually what you want.

Years ago I went on this money making mission because I thought that I wanted financial wealth, that’s what I thought abundance was, and when I got it, I realised, as cliche as it sounds, that it wasn’t what I really wanted. Yes, sometimes you can get what you think you want, but like some people who win the lotto, you may find that you won’t have it for too long or something may happen to change the course of your life. It’s all about being in tune with your truth.

4. Take a bath (or shower if you don’t have a bath). Add essential oils and salts and whatever else you feel called to add to it and light candles (or the candle that you have made yourself) and soak in the energies.

You don’t have have the moonlight on you, imagining it will be enough. Again, think about what you want, what you want to cleanse and shed and speak to God and the moon. Once you have finished, wash yourself thoroughly and imagine that you are washing away what doesn’t serve you, you don’t have to be specific if you can’t, just say, I release and cleanse what no longer serves my highest good, and then unplug the bath but sit in it until every last drop goes down the drain and whilst it is going down, imagine getting rid of what no longer serves you, watch it go down the drain and send it of with love and blessings and thank it for serving its purpose.

5. Plant a tree or seeds by the moonlight. As you prepare the soil, focus on what your intention is for this plant, talk to the moon and to God. You can write out a list of what you want this plant to represent, and then shred or burn it and then add it to the soil. When you pot your plant, remember to water it and talk to it, but don’t become attached to it as in, if it doesn’t take off or dies, it doesn’t mean that your dream or desire is going to die, it’s not a negative thing, it’s the act in the initial planting that is what is more potent, however, don’t also take this as an invitation to not nurture the plant.

I hope you enjoy creating your own special ritual or ceremony during this super moon. I’d love to hear about any that you do or any ideas you have that you can share.

And before I go, remember the wise words of the Dalai Lama “that sometimes not getting what you want is sometimes a stroke of good luck,” because the Universe always has something more loving and amazing in store for you.

Sending you lots of super moon blessings and love. If you are interested in keeping in touch, you can find me at www.keyonbayani.com

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