5 Simple Ingredients for a More Meaningful Life

If you currently find yourself in a similar place or you are feeling a bit lost, here are just five things you need to create a more meaningful life that feeds your mind, body, and soul.
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A young women enjoying a hot beverage. With Christmas lights behind her.
A young women enjoying a hot beverage. With Christmas lights behind her.


Not too long ago, I went through what I call a passionate awakening. A period of about nine years that slowly but surely led me to realize that I was meant for so much more than just a 40-hour a week, paper-pushing, soul-sucking job.

My soul was craving creativity, connection, and a much more meaningful life than the one I was living at the time. It was a slow process, but I came to realize that there are just a few simple ingredients that I needed to create a life my soul craved. (Spoiler alert: Money was not one of them.)

If you currently find yourself in a similar place or you are feeling a bit lost, below are just five things you need to create a more meaningful life that feeds your mind, body, and soul.

1. Passion.

How many people in the world can honestly say they live their life with passion? Whether it's in their regular day job or in some part-time hobby, passion is the excitement and vibrant energy we feel when we do something we love.

Passion is about giving yourself permission to do the things you love... simply because you love doing them. It might not be a full-blown business for you or make you money at all, but if you are passionate about volunteering, helping others, or something else entirely, you will instantly feel more inspired and energized than ever before.

2. Purpose.

There are so many people in the world searching for their soul purpose; the one thing that they were put on this planet to do. Unfortunately, what many people fail to realize is that their purpose isn't always one specific thing and it's likely closer to them than they think. The truth is, your soul purpose is the same as mine and that is to do what you love and always follow your heart.

The way you fulfill your life purpose may look different from year-to-year, but as long as it brings you joy and you are allowing your heart to be your guide, it's still your purpose. Without following your intuition and doing what you love, life can often feel mundane and uninspired. Add a bit more meaning by simply tapping into the things that bring you joy and then follow your heart to do more of it. It really is that simple.

3. Connection.

In a world with so many gadgets and gizmos that promise to connect us more than ever before, I'm finding we are actually far more disconnected from one another and ourselves. With our faces glued to the screen 90 percent of the time, we are missing out on the quiet moments of reflection and focus that lead to amazing insights and inspiration for our next steps in life.

By being so connected to our devices, we are also missing out on the one-on-one time with one another where we get to meet, share, and connect with other amazing souls experiencing some of the same things we are. Take some time each week to disconnect from the web and connect more with yourself and others in real life. I promise if you do, your life will forever be changed.

4. Soul

Simply going through the motions of everyday life can often cause you to forget about the true, soul desires that make you who you are. It seems that as we grow older, our dreams slowly fade away and we become accustomed to living life on autopilot. More and more people are feeling the effects of being uninspired, stuck, and stagnant without really knowing why they are feeling that way or how to change it.

The answers lie in the deep questions. What do you want out of life? What do you want to feel more of each day? What is important to you? How do you want to impact the world? Answering questions like these and giving yourself permission to dream big again are great ways to reconnect you with what's really important to you. It will also put you back on track for living the life your soul intended and when you do that, you can't go wrong.

5. Love.

Love heals, connects, supports, and inspires people, communities and the world. Without it we wouldn't have the charities and causes that are changing lives every day. To live a meaningful means more than just being loving to one another. It's also about loving ourselves and being true to who we are, for without that we have nothing.

Self-love is something we all need a bit more of and if you can find a way to accept, understand, and embrace who you are and love yourself for it, you can then be a beacon of light for others to do the same. Can you imagine what kind of world we could create if we all loved ourselves and shared that love with one another? It would be a bit like heaven on earth don't you think?

As we enter into the new year, my hope is that more of us connect to the things that are truly important to us and that we all live a more meaningful life.

What do you think? Is there something I've missed from the list? What would you add? Share in the comments below!

Lamisha Serf-Walls is a empowerment coach for soul-centered women who are tired of trying to fit into lackluster beige boxes and crave the freedom of standing in their truth and living life from the heart. Her mission is to create a community of empowered, free flowing, lovers of life who live a life of freedom with ease and inspire others to do the same. You can learn more about Lamisha and what she offers by joining her free community, visiting her Online, on Facebook, or Twitter or grab her free audio 5 Ways to Break Free From Stuck.


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