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5 Simple Spruce Ups to Take Your House From Drab to Fab

By giving your property a home makeover that zeroes in on the details, you can quickly upgrade it from hovel to haven without draining your savings.
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By Elizabeth Dodson for

When it comes to greeting the world with confidence, it's all in the details. Just as a statement necklace can make your little black dress pop or a touch of red lipstick kicks a simple daytime look up a notch, the right home touches can show off your individuality and make you stand out from the crowd.

By giving your property a home makeover that zeroes in on the details, you can quickly upgrade it from hovel to haven without draining your savings.

A Good First Impression

Curb appeal is everything -- especially if you're thinking about selling your house. Your front entrance is usually the first thing visitors see when they approach your home.

According to the latest Cost Vs Value report, you'll recoup nearly 97% of the cost of your door when selling your house. You can also spruce up your entryway by adding a new doorknob and house numbers. Keeping your front entrance fresh, bright, and clean lets you greet the world with a confident "hello."

A 'Welcome Home' Yard

Your yard is like a welcome mat to guests, potential buyers, and your family when you return home after a hard day. By keeping up with routine yard maintenance and landscaping (trimming trees and hedges, planting colorful flowers and shrubs, and mowing your lawn), your outdoor space can be just as inviting as your family room. Plus, homes with professional landscaping have a 15 to 20 percent higher potential value, so think of it as an investment in the future.

A Lick of Paint

One of the easiest, most effective and inexpensive changes you can make to your home is a fresh coat of paint. Whether it's adding an accent wall to brighten up your kitchen, whitewashing your garage doors, or just lightening your rooms by giving your window frames, windowsills, and trim a fresh coat, a revitalizing paint job can make all the difference.

A Clean Routine

It's amazing what a thorough cleaning can do for your house. Not only does it drastically improve aesthetic appeal, but a clean home is also a healthy home.

Supplement your weekly routine with the occasional deep clean to keep your place looking like new. Good areas to concentrate on include windows, tile grout, and carpets. You can even treat it like a workout by adding some Freddie Mercury moves to burn a few extra calories while you clean.

An Accessories Makeover

When you get ready for a night out, you know it's the extra little touches that make you feel great. The same goes for your home. Updating accents such as curtains, curtain rods, chair covers, doorknobs, cabinet hardware, hand towels, and rugs are small improvements that make a big impact.

With a little imagination, a splash of color, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease, you can spruce up your home with just a few hundred dollars or less. When your home is as well accessorized as you are, you won't even need to go out. All your friends will be inviting themselves over to admire those cute new curtains.

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