5 Sizzling Summer Sex Tips

This summer when the weather turns hot and sticky you can still sizzle and be sexy!

1. Do take a fantasy vacation By concocting your own DIY lubricant. Oils are an untapped resource for slippery stuff. Your kitchen has more than a few items that can add spice and flavor not just to dinner but also to your sex life.

- Coconut oil: The aroma will have you dreaming of swaying palm trees and wearing nothing but a lei in Hawaii, while searching for a secluded spot on a beach. Reach around for a little coconut oil. You can use it for a luxurious massage and it's also so nice and slippery that it doubles as a DIY lubricant.

- Olive oil: When you need something that can withstand all the heat, Olive oil is just right for cooking up fun with your partner. Extra virgin is what I recommend to my patients. Is it a coincidence that the same countries that produce the most Olive oil, like Greece, Italy and Spain are also known for their hot, sizzling romance? Let's get cooking.

2. Don't forget that there's a drought! So take a shower with someone you love! We've all got to do our part to conserve water, especially those of us in California. Taking a quick shower with a partner can save gallons and gallons every day. Here's how: Quickly rinse with water, then turn it off (we're conserving here!) then, soap each other up and quickly rinse off! Viola everyone's happy, clean and you've helped saved precious water. If you really want to save even more water, then give each other a sponge bath!

3. Do bring an ice bucket to your bedroom. When your partner's skin is sizzling, gently and slowly drag a single ice cube along their arms, legs or other areas of interest. When it gets a little hot and steamy, using a little ice provides a way of touching that doesn't overpower the heat you're generating together. And depending upon where you like your ice, it can prolong the fun, so give it a try.

4. Don't Forget that skinny dipping can lead to fun time! Ok, we've all seen scenes of people having hot sex while immersed in lakes, pools, hot tubs and the ocean. Here's the scene that I see in the exam room a few days afterwards: Bladder and vaginal infections from water that came along for the ride. Get the party started in the water, and then think about a nice blanket just beyond the water's edge... just saying.

5. Do pack baby powder for the beach Ok, now that you're on your blanket, here's a super secret tip to avoid being sandblasted and getting a friction rash anywhere on your body after a trip to a sandy beach. Whether you're going to have sex or just want to get the sand off before going home -- use a dusting of baby powder on your skin to gently smooth away sandy particles. It works like a charm and leaves your skin invitingly smooth and just begging for a caress!

For more tips on sex, especially at midlife, my book, The Hot Guide to a Cool Sexy Menopause is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.