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5 Skin Tips to Take You From Summer Into Fall

Now that fall's officially here, everybody keep your cool -- I'll teach you how to keep that glow even though the humidity in the air has lifted.
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Even if you're a hide-from-the-sun, dedicated to sunscreen member of society, you still get that "glow" that's so famously associated with summer. Maybe it's the humidity in the air, maybe it's that school's-out-for-summer feeling, or maybe it's all the (no-longer-cooped-up-inside) fresh air. We never question how we get it; we just know we can count on that beautiful, fresh-faced glow all summer long.

Now that fall's officially here, everybody keep your cool -- I'll teach you how to keep that glow even though the humidity in the air has lifted, school is now in session and all the fresh air you're going to get for quite some time is the brisk walk in between your home/office/school and the public transportation station or your vehicle.

As an aesthetician living in Minnesota, trust me, I've had a little time (oh, let's just say eight/nine months out of every year, ugggh) to figure this out. Here are some tips you can count on to retain your glow throughout the non-summer months.

Consider switching your cleanser
Even though the days are getting shorter, don't let lack of time be an excuse to stop washing your face at night. Instead, take it as a signal to consider if your summer cleanser is still right for you for the fall and winter months. For some skin types, especially the drier types, it's a good time to switch to a more moisturizing option. For more oil-rich skin types, you can likely continue with your summer cleanser in the P.M., but may want to switch to a lighter cleanser in the A.M.

Use exfoliating beads or an exfoliating serum
There are numerous ways to exfoliate depending on your skin (and even some that suit the most sensitive of skin types). I recommend exfoliating at night, whether using a scrub made of perfectively round, synthetic beads to manually exfoliate or a serum loaded with vitamin A. The trick is to help your skin renew itself at night so it will glow all day.

Load up on anti-oxidants
I bet you thought vitamin C was only good during the winter months to help stave off cold and flu season; however, when applied topically as a serum, it creates a beautiful glow and also helps brighten the skin. Best used in the morning, vitamin C also helps fend off free radicals in the environment that may otherwise cause damage to your skin.

Start incorporating hyaluronic acid
Topical hydration is perhaps the most important part of maintaining your summer glow. Ever noticed a piece of dried out, dehydrated fruit looking particularly glowy? No, I didn't think so. Same thing applies to your skin. Search out products that contain hyaluronic acid, it is a very effective ingredient to hydrate your skin. In fact, it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. For those with dryer skin, you'll also want to use rich, oil-based creams at night to nourish and help lock in the moisture you already have.

Invest in a humidifier
Another trick for those of us who live in excessively dry climates is to run a humidifier in your bedroom at night. Adding additional humidity to your environment helps counter some of your skin's water loss each night while sleeping.

Apply a self-tanner
I promise you won't look like a pumpkin; self-tanners have come a VERY long way since the early 2000's and they are truly the only safe tanning method. A couple of my favorites are St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse and Vani-T Bronzing Glaze, I'm sure they'll serve you well too. In fact, to keep your bronzed application looking natural, begin applying the self-tanner to the outside of your face first and work your way in with the product that's left on your hands.

After you follow these skin care tips and make it through fall and winter with your summer glow in tow, spring and summer will actually sneak up on you. Here's to a glowing fall and winter!