5 Small Changes For Successful ‘Adulting’

Some days when life has you down, you simply don’t want to “adult.”
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As an early 30-something, I often find myself comparing my current life status to that of my mom when she was my age. She already had a house, a husband and two kids. Me? Not so much.

The fact of the matter is, we are in a MUCH different day and age than our parents, and we should NOT be comparing ourselves. They may have been “ahead” of us in certain aspects of life, but we have plenty of advantages at our disposal that did not exist 30 years ago.

That said, some days when life has you down, you simply don’t want to “adult.” Keep these tips in your pocket for when those times hit:

1. Keep a journal.

Write down your goals, from the big ones to the little ones. This will help you remain focused on what’s important to you as you transition into the “real world.”

2. For every negative thought that crosses your mind, make a conscious effort to think of a positive one.

It may be overwhelming to be faced with leaving college and entering the working world, but there is much to be celebrated, too!

3. Keep in mind that healthy eating can actually SAVE you money.

Fresh, whole foods are much less expensive than eating out. Isn’t it great to know that you can save money and be healthy at the same time?

4. Skip the fancy gym membership for now; hit the pavement instead.

Or watch free workout videos on YouTube. You’ll save a lot that way while you work on building up a financial foundation, and stay fit while doing it!

5. Remember, there is absolutely no shame in going home to mom.

Such as when you need a home-cooked meal or a shoulder to cry on. A good support system is necessary for ANY transition in life!