5 Smart Ways to Boost Your Confidence in the Workplace

Everyone knows that competence is essential to workplace success, professional achievement and personal satisfaction. But without confidence, competence will only take you so far.
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Smiling businesswoman with arms crossed
Smiling businesswoman with arms crossed


Everyone knows that competence is essential to workplace success, professional achievement and personal satisfaction. But without confidence, competence will only take you so far. In fact, one of the major things that limit many potential leaders from achieving their dreams or becoming successful in their careers is the lack of confidence and a low self esteem. Thus, it's very vital to actively start working towards boosting your confidence as this would lead to success, fulfilment and off course self acceptance.

Building confidence does not require a complete personality overhaul. Instead, you can take smaller steps to become more self-assured while boosting your confidence and a healthy self-esteem.

Here are some key actions you can take:

1.Take Personal Grooming and Hygiene Seriously

One of the smartest steps you can take towards boosting your confidence is investing in yourself through personal appearance and hygiene. From your the way you wear your outfits, oral hygiene, keeping your nails clean to your daily skincare routines, these are essential steps that will help you create a first good impression in the workplace.

It's amazing how basic things like taking a shower, dressing nicely and shaving can make you feel great and in turn affect your output in the workplace. Ensure that you are well put together as it's commonplace for human beings to judge your appearance before they even hear the intelligent words that proceed from your mouth.

A beautiful smile can make a person's day - but if your teeth are grubby or breath is smelly, it has an entirely different result. Take care of your mouth and ensure that you always check with your dentist at least three times a year, while also staying away from habits that ruin your teeth.

It's almost impossible for you to carry on smooth, intelligent and nervous free conversations either with your colleagues or your clients. Are they laughing at my jokes or the yellowing of my teeth? Is my breath stinking right now?-are some of the thoughts that would be running through your mind thereby eroding you of more and more confidence.

2.Boost and Upgrade your Knowledge

A sure-fire way of being more certain of what you're doing is to learn more and basically keep learning and growing. As an employee or even a boss, it's super important to keep upgrading your knowledge and skills while staying relevant on the job.

Read up on the latest research to enhance your knowledge. Knowing how and why certain practices and processes work can boost confidence in your ability to do them. Thankfully, the internet has made learning more accessible for everyone. For example, as a busy nurse or health professional, taking online courses can be the easiest means for you to get that ACLS online certification or other related certificates that are relevant for advancement in your field. Don't just remain stagnant and comfortable in one position, instead keep building on your strengths and searching out for more opportunities to thrive. Studies have shown that a good way to boost confidence is to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Accept what you already do well, and make an effort to refine your better qualities. It's a great confidence booster to do something excellently rather than adequately.

Pick up new skills. There is always room for improvement, and learning new skills will not only enhance proficiency at your job, but will also boost confidence. Watch what other people do successfully, and copy how they do it. Attend seminars designed to help you hone your skills and become a better worker. Pick useful skills such as time management, customer service, and productivity, or learn something new that will help specifically with your job.

3. Get a Mentor or Career Advisor

Mentors are sometimes 'lifesavers' and are valuable resources to help you go on the right path. I say this because; I've personally been tremendously helped and supported by mentors and other advisors so far in my life. As a young and passionate individual ready to take on the world, it's important that you also have a guide or blueprint to work with in order to avoid making costly mistakes.

These mentors can sometimes be supervisors, bosses, from a professional network or outside your organization. Look for someone whose core values are in sync with what you believe in, study their work and seek them out. This might require you to step out of your comfort zone and approach your potential mentor or perhaps join a mentorship coaching program. Whatever works for you, don't forget to always find ways to add value to your mentor or advisor in the process.

4. Celebrate your Victories

Most times, we let those inner voices to drown our true worth and deny us of our little success stories. In order to truly thrive and get back your confidence, you must be willing to celebrate those little victories no matter how small.

These little celebrations will help you appreciate yourself and hardwork. It might mean splurging on an outfit or taking yourself out to the movie. Whatever the case may be, it's important to always celebrate yourself and other accomplished goals. By doing this consistently, you'll build momentum for more accomplishments, be more grateful and also create an avenue for more victories in your life.

5. Invest in your Mind

There are several ways to invest in yourself, but in order to do this effectively; you must first invest in your mind consistently. In order for you to truly build a long term approach towards your confidence, it's important to go from the inside out. Everything that you allow to feed into you literally determines the outcome of your life. From the books you read, videos you watch, the words you speak to yourself and the people you surround yourself with; all these have a way of affecting your mind and eventually your overall results both in life and in the workplace.

Focus on speaking positive affirmations to yourself daily, meditate on the right things, keep upgrading your inspiration and motivational content and ensure that your mind is consistently fixed on the right things. You might try to get other people's opinions about things, get a mentor, join different associations and all these are great, but the greatest investment you can make is in your mind and your total well being.

When it comes to boosting your confidence, understand that it could take time and it's important to be patient with yourself. Beyond just a short term boost, take out time to develop yourself by taking self-improvement classes, going back to school, surrounding yourself with the right people and focus on excellence instead of perfection.

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