5 Sneaky Supermarket Labeling Tricks

5 Sneaky Supermarket Labeling Tricks
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by guest blogger Tyler Graham, coauthor of The Happiness Diet

The Happiness Diet is all about eating the right whole foods for a slimmer, sexier, and happier you. But no matter how one slices it, processed foods have appeal, and people do find them convenient. The problem is that thanks to tricky food marketing, some of the unhealthiest options appear to be the healthiest. Here are five of the most popular labeling tricks to avoid.


5 Sneaky Supermarket Labeling Tricks

Tyler Graham is the coauthor of The Happiness Diet. Previously, he served as the health and environment editor of O, The Oprah Magazine, the nutrition editor at Prevention, and the environment editor at Best Life. He recently launched a men's health section at Details magazine.

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