5 Social Media Activities Keeping You Single

Nowadays, everyone has at least one social media account. Tweeting, Doing it for the 'Gram, and Snapchatting are all normal ways to share our travel adventures, love of music, and aha moments.

Social media has even imposed on the dating scene. Have you ever met someone and as soon as you found their social media pages you either never returned their call, blocked them, or unfriended them if you already accepted their friend request??? Yep, social media is THAT powerful! It has the ability to attract or turn off potential love interests. And chances are, if you've peeped someone's profile, they've given yours the once over as well.

Your profile is a representation of you; it's your personal brand. I mean, think about it. Your posts tell your story and make people feel like they know you. You may be a catch, but a timeline that says "I'm a drunken party girl" or "I'm sitting around stacks of money, making drug references", isn't going to get you anywhere. Decontaminate your social media profiles before you turn off anyone you might have a chance with. Avoid these 5 social media activities:

1. Highlighting Your Singleness - Constantly

You're most likely single because you're complaining about how booed up everyone is and how you're sitting at home watching Netflix. If you're advertising how badly you want to be in a relationship, stop. Desperation isn't cute. Both men and women want someone who has their own life, not someone needy. Also, if you're that person waving the "I'm single because I refuse to settle" or "I'm single by choice" flag, put it down. They're defensive statements that signal insecurities.

2. Bad Mouthing The Opposite Sex

Are you that person that posts every day that men aren't shit or how women are crazy? Do yourself a huge favor and stop it. All you're doing is promoting that you're scorned and not over your ex. Also, if you're a single parent and always dogging your child's mother/father, quit. You're telling potential partners what to expect if it doesn't work out between you.

3. Posting Too Many Times A Day

Don't you have anything else to do? Read a book, get a new hobby or try a new restaurant. If you're posting every two minutes and really need constant social media attention, you might be lonely, depressed or any other number of things. See a therapist who can help you figure out what's going on.

4. Advertising a Negative Vibe

Airing dirty laundry, going back and forth in Twitter beefs or just being plane ole nasty will keep you single forever. Nobody wants to be around a negative Nancy. People want a mate that's easy going, fun to be around and will uplift their spirits.

5. Not Leaving Enough Mystery

Social media can be a lazy way of getting to know someone, which doesn't help the dating scene. Too much information takes away intrigue. Why ask someone out on a date to get to know them when you can lurk on their page? If someone knows what you dreamed about last night, what you ate for breakfast today, what you thought about Beyonce's visual album, and why you're taking your dog to get neutered, what would motivate them to pick up the phone and call you? Not a thing.

Limit some of your social networking to in-person encounters (read 4 Keys to Being Approachable first) and you're sure to find success on the dating scene. Got it? Good. You're already looking more attractive. Happy posting!

This post was originally posted on polishedpersonas.com

Kenyatta is the founder of Polished Personas, an agency that empowers entrepreneurs and 9-5ers to build standout personal brands that position them for next level success in business & love. Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook and check out Dating Brand IGNITE, her dating boot-camp.