5 Solid Reasons to Have a Joint Bridal Shower

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When it comes to pre-wedding festivities, most brides are typically honored solo. However, there are some times when having a joint celebration with an also-engaged best friend or sister--or even with your partner, if you're part of a same-sex couple--might be a great idea.

Here are five reasons you could consider doubling up for your bridal shower and having a celebration for two.

You'll have a bigger soiree.
If you prefer a larger gathering over an intimate tea or lunch--and your personal mantra is "the more, the merrier"-- then a joint shower is for you. When you celebrate two people at once, chances are you'll have a bigger guest list and more people will be able to make the party.

You can share the spotlight.
For those who are on the shyer side or dislike being the center of attention, a joint shower is a great way to spread the light so it's not so bright and overwhelming on just you. Doing a shower with someone else is perfect if you really don't want a shower (many women truly feel this way!), or if you feel awkward having a celebration that's just about you.

You'll ease friends' social calendars.
If you have multiple engaged friends within one group, a joint shower helps your crew not have to choose which soiree to travel to or attend--making it easier for everyone to get together and celebrate.

You get to bond over the experience.
Having a shower together allows you to share something truly special with a friend, sibling, or partner that you might not have otherwise. The memories from the day will connect you two in a new way.

You'll help out your hosts.
If you and a friend or sibling have a lot of overlap in your bridal parties, doing a shower together can ease your attendants' wallets. While this shouldn't be your primary concern--this is your moment, after all--it is a nice thing to consider, especially if budgets are tight. By throwing one party, your friends and family members can put all of their available resources into creating one great event to remember, rather than having to potentially cut corners for two separate parties.

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