5 Steps to Finding Your Girl Power

These days, it's all about the look, style, weight, and anything you can think of to judge someone by. For youth between the ages of 10 and 24, suicide is the third leading cause of death, yet people still sit there wondering why. The pressure to be perfect dances around a tween or teen's head more often that we would like to think. Teenagers see everything differently, "Oh, you're a size five? Go on a diet tubs." "You're a size double zero? Stop starving yourself." "You ate five slices of pizza?! Lay off the food fatty." I mean, seriously?! The list of put downs could go on for miles, it's just ridiculous. I feel as if I'm the only one here thinking, exactly what is perfect, what is beautiful, what is ugly?

Teens no longer understand the term self-esteem. The Millennial generation focuses on the term validation. It's appalling to see tweens and teens using social media to feel good about themselves, and then you have the models in magazines, they're "fake." I use the term "fake" to make a point. Obviously the models are real people just like you and me, however their true selves are hidden under ten pounds of makeup and powerful editing software. Unfortunately, girls dream of being those people.

Is it the media that has teens starving themselves, scarfing and barfing, or do we lack the self confidence and what I like to call Girl Power to see marketing and social media for the good? I'm 18-years-old and I've been a victim hypnotized by the media's recipe for "perfect," however I decided not to take the bait and let others decide for me the value of my self worth.

Becoming confident doesn't happen overnight but this one trait can serve as a powerful tool throughout your entire life.

Step 1: Taking the time to recognize the things you like about yourself sounds cheesy, I know, but this exercise made me realize I have many more things that I like about myself, than the negatives I was focusing on (which was greatly due to the fact I was way too focused on what the "popular" girls thought).

Step 2: The phrase "birds of a feather flock together" couldn't be more true. I found surrounding myself with positive and supportive friends made a huge difference in my happiness. Let's face it, girls can be mean. Why in the world do girls believe in altering their personality and values to gain popularity and influence? The answer is easy... a lack of confidence! When did that group you so desperately want to fit in do something amazing? What makes them "perfect"? I know it's tough to ignore, but peer pressure doesn't exist if we don't allow it to control us.

Step 3: Finding a passion that accelerates your "Girl Power." Using your passion or talent as a tool to meet likeminded people brings a whole new meaning to the term "popular." Sharing your knowledge and talents with others takes you beyond that clique you thought was perfect.

Step 4: I have found that writing down my goals gives me a visual perception of a real accomplishment. My steps to Girl Power are really not that difficult. Like yourself, surround yourself with positive friends, find a passion, build your own "popular" group and get moving!

Step 5: Get up and get moving! Exercise fuels motivation and gives us the energy to go forward with our goals.

"Girl Power" will give you the ability to be a superhero. What are you waiting for? Find your "Girl Power"

Be Yourself ~ Make a Difference ~ Save the World!