5 Steps to Get Off the Fence, Get Unstuck and Thrive

It is with anticipation, excitement, a ton of nerves and great hope, that I announce the launch of something that has lived in my heart for a VERY long time.

I will be honest with you today. There is no fancy PR firm. No marketing pitch prepared. In fact, there's no big plan. None. Only a seed. Only a spark. This is an infant, coming into the world with very little experience. This baby is small, and my hope is that you will help me raise it. My greatest wish is that you will connect with this Movement, and be inspired to take action in your own life. To get off that fence. To get unstuck and take the leap to thrive.

I give you, the Get Off The Fence Movement. Please turn up your speakers, and make sure your settings are on HD.

Along with this video, please visit the new site GetOffTheFenceMovement.com and TAKE THE PLEDGE to Get Off The Fence, and commit to your goals. Commit to thriving in your life. If there is anything we've learned from witnessing the recent tragedy in Boston, it's that life is too short to be living an unfulfilled existence. The time is now.

Next, just as these people above shared their story, I urge you to SHARE YOUR STORY with our Facebook community. Here you will connect with other fence jumpers, IN REAL TIME, all the time. Upload YOUR poster today: http://Facebook.com/GetOffTheFenceMovement. This Facebook community is where you will check in with others who are also working toward their goals, discuss challenges, triumphs and more. We are building a judgment-free zone to share your story, and motivate others. So don't forget to share your ON THE FENCE/OFF THE FENCE poster, video, inspirational quote or message, or anything that either holds you accountable to your goals, or helps someone else. Because sharing your story is the first step to taking the leap...

So, if you've been perched on the fence getting splinters, unable to make a decision, paralyzed and afraid to take the jump toward your happiness, I am coming for you. I'm coming for you with the frying pan! Today, you're getting your mojo on. Today, you're making plans. Today, you're deciding to get off that fence.

Let's get right to it.

Here are the 5 Steps To Get Off The Fence. It's time to make a plan to get happy and thriving:

Step 1 -- Determine Where You're Stuck

The first step to get off the fence and live a fulfilling existence, is self-awareness. You have to know where you're blocked, stuck or not thriving. This takes time alone, and the ability to be still and quiet to think about where you are not happy. Exercises like making two lists: One list called CHANGES/IMPROVEMENTS I WANT TO MAKE, and the other list is called the OFF THE FENCE/HAPPINESS ACTION PLAN. So, for example, if you want to start your own business, on the left hand side, you would write, "Start my own business," and on the right hand side, it would read, "Moonlight my start-up on the side, working ninety minutes at night and four hours on the weekends until I am revenue bearing and can quit my day-job to focus on my business full time."

The trick is, the more detailed your two lists are, the better. Post your list in a visible spot. It holds you both accountable, and keeps your eye on the prize.

Step 2 -- Commit to Doing the Work

Know that nothing will work unless you do. My grandfather used to say, "Nobody ever drowned in their own sweat." It was a borrowed expression, but it always stuck with me. Happiness doesn't come without a commitment to happiness. Without work. Your happiness is a choice. You getting what you want out of life is YOUR DECISION. And the same holds true for your unhappiness. So, commit to doing the work. Whatever your goals are, commit to hustling to make them happen.

Know that sitting perched on the fence is paralysis. To live stuck is like residing in purgatory. Most people stay stuck because it's a comfortable place to not have to commit and see something through. But you can't manifest your highest self without making a decision, no matter how small. It's about that first baby step. You MUST take it.

Step 3 -- Expand Your Skills

Yes. Expand your skills and commit to learning something new. Often we stay stuck and on the fence because we don't have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to move forward. So acquire that knowledge and expand your skills. This could mean taking up a new hobby, enrolling in an accounting course, volunteering, or simply giving away your expertise for free. What I mean here is, if you want to become a PAID speaker for example, speaking for free is a great way to get your name our there, and gain experience and expertise. If you want to start a consulting company, offer coaching or consulting for FREE at the beginning, both to get your feet wet, AND to build a customer base.

Expanding your skills does not only mean enrolling in courses and acquiring new knowledge, it also means putting the current knowledge you have to work.

Step 4 -- Get Out There and Meet NEW People

Commit to taking up a new hobby, volunteering, getting more involved in your kids' school, or joining a networking group -- for the purpose of meeting NEW people. What happens is, we often meet the people we need through the law of attraction. For example, I was sitting on the fence about developing a mobile app for my readers and audience. I started to ask my networks if they know anyone who develops apps, and I put it out into the universe. Simply because I reached out to new people and asked them for help, I acquired more knowledge, it helped me get off the fence, moved me me closer to my goals, and voila, the app now lives.

If you allow yourself to be open, and join places like your local Chamber of Commerce, BNI, writing groups, or just traveling alone, or finding a mentor, I promise, you will attract the people you need who will help propel you closer to your goals.

Step 5 -- Make More Time for the Things You Love To Do

When you do the things you love to do, it helps boost your serotonin levels (the happiness hormone), which aids in fighting depression, and other mood disorders. Doing the things you love can put you in a state of euphoria, lowering your cortisol levels (the bad hormone), which clears your mind and allows you to make good, quality decisions. For me, I love spending time with my girlfriends -- we laugh, I mean gut-busting laughter, and it does my mind and body good. I also love spending time alone in a bookstore, perusing the aisles with a coffee. It calms me and regroups me. What is it for you?

When you do what you love, you are being good to yourself. You are spoiling yourself. And spoiling yourself is your right. Feeling good allows you to make clear decisions. Do it, guilt-free.

In the same vein, I cannot stress the importance of these four factors in sharpening your mind for effective and strategic decision making: good restorative sleep, an active lifestyle, healthy nutrition and meditation.

So I wish for all of you, to jump the fence as soon as possible. I hope you'll join me.

And I can finally announce -- You wanna get off the fence? THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT! Yes, please download the Get Off The Fence FREE APP on iTunes, and start getting off the fence TODAY. Create your custom OFF THE FENCE plan to track and monitor your goals, get daily inspiration, video, and more.

My goal is for this Movement to spread like a virus -- you get off the fence, and grab your sister, your mother, your husband, your friend, your child with you. It's like the CHEESE TOUCH in Diary of a Wimpy Kid -- once you've been touched, you have the 'cheese touch,' and it passes to every person you touch. My goal is through YOUR STORIES, you will inspire someone else who is stuck in their life, to take the leap with you. Because once you know that someone else can do it, it makes it more real for yourself to get off the fence and just do it.

I hope you'll join us.

With love and gratitude,