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5 Steps To Get Over A Layoff

Here are five simple steps towards making your layoff a success story:
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You've just been let go from your job, and it's painful.

"Why me?" "Do I really deserve this?" "Will people judge me?" "How long will I be in this situation?" "What should I do?" "Where do I begin?"

These are all valid questions. You feel embarrassed, ashamed, and confused.

Guess what? You're not alone. Many have been laid off (including me) and it's painful at first. BUT it doesn't have to last forever. You can pick yourself up, bounce back, and make your layoff story a success story. I did it, and so can you.

Here are five simple steps towards making your layoff a success story:

1. Feel what you feel and learn what you learn

Allow yourself to feel the anger, the disappointment, the pain, or any other feelings that may come to surface. Unmasking these feelings is the first and most important step towards moving on. Once you've dealt with your feelings, look for the positive aspects of this experience and what you've learned from it. (If you don't deal with these two important points, chances are you'll carry your feelings into the future and attract similar situations until you learn what you have to learn).

2. Make peace with yourself

You're human, and challenges are part of your growth process. You're not a victim; you're a brave soul, experiencing the life you chose to grow and learn from. So put on your Superman (woman) outfit on and take ownership of your braveness!

3. Look for the open doors

There are always - ALWAYS - open doors. Can you see them? If not, dig deeper into your soul to understand what you truly want, and you'll end up seeing doors opening to new opportunities that you really want in your life.

4. Set new goals and plans

An unexpected event such as a layoff is a signal from the Universe that something needs to change. It's perhaps time for you to review your goals and make new plans. If you insist in sticking to your old goals, you may miss the boat that's trying to bring you to greater opportunities.

5. Take inspired action

This is not the kind of action that your logical mind is stressing you to take. Inspired action comes from your intuition; it's an internal nudge that compels you to do something despite it not making total logical sense. It's the kind of action that helps you achieve your goals in an easier and faster way than you would expect.

Remember that life offers you limitless possibilities, and you could turn any unexpected experiences into great opportunities. But the choice is always yours!


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