5 Strange New Ways to Use Red Wine

Have you ever thought what else you can use red wine for?
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Red wine: we all know it and many of us love it, but did you know it has some weird uses other than being a wonderful fermented grape beverage? Studies have shown that a glass a day can help your heart and your happiness, but have you ever thought what else you can use red wine for?

Use It As a Facial Mask
If you’re more of a facial kind of person, then you will want a red wine facial. This enticing facial can be the perfect pick-me-up when you want to feel a little refreshed and tighter in the facial and neck region. At-home facials are easy to make and fun to do yourself, so why not try this one with some leftover red wine (of course if there is any). Photo Credit: iStock_Thinkstock Click Here to see The Complete List of Weird Ways to Use Red Wine
Take a Bath In It
Looking to boost your circulation and possibly shift that pesky cellulite around? Try taking a red wine bath! Of course, due to the price, boxed wine is probably best and adding some grape seed oil, which is in wine anyway, can only boost up your bubble bath that much more. Simply add 16 ounces of red wine to your tub, and soak up those amazing red wine enzymes. Your body will Photo Credit: iStock_Thinkstock
Paint Something Red
Have something you want to dye, and a bottle of wine that’s past its prime, or just not as good as you thought it would be? Try picking up a pair of dye-able heels, paint red wine on them (as dipping would dye the inside of the shoe) and there you have it, beautiful, authentic, wine colored shoes! Photo Credit: iStock_Thinkstock Click Here to see The Complete List of Weird Ways to Use Red Wine
Fertilize Your Garden
Into planet Earth? Want to help out your garden? Try using red wine in your compost to activate the bacteria and give your garden a little extra push! Plants need some love too, and giving them something you love, can only have successful results. Photo Credit: iStock_Thinkstock
Trap Pesky Flies
Sometimes after a bottle of wine, you may be a little less then motivated to clean the glassware, right? In the morning, you wake up and there are some unwanted flying guests around. How do you catch them in the act? By giving them what they want of course! Those pesky fruit flies won't give up, but you shouldn’t have to give up your wine for them. Before you go out, or plop yourself into bed, cover your wine glass with some plastic wrap and poke a few small holes with a toothpick. This will be just enough to trap those little buggers, but will keep them from flying around your house. In the morning, simply dump them out or rinse them down the drain. Don’t feel too bad either… their last meal was wine, after all. Photo Credit: iStock_Thinkstock Click Here to see The Complete List of Weird Ways to Use Red Wine

Red wine is wonderful when used in cooking, as it can add unique qualities to many dishes. But if you're looking to do something different with your luscious red, try using it in your skincare routine and or for your next fun stay at-home spa day. Mixing red wine into a facial mask, your bath tub , and or a nice foot bath can add some great benefits to your skin as well as your happiness.

If you're into more of an organic and environmentally friendly way to use your wine, then add some to your compost for a garden that will be full of life, energy, and substance. Grapes grow on vines that are planted in the ground, so why not give back to your garden? Another way to use red wine you particularly didn't care for is to dye some shirts or shoes with it. Imagine: you can have a new outfit, real wine-colored shoes, and you didn't throw away any money -- now that's simple and stylish!

Now of course you may want to have less-expensive wines for the more fashion-focused and skin care uses, but always remember to have fun, be creative, and know there's always time for really great wine!

-Sara Lehman, The Daily Meal

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