5 Strategies to Stop Body Shaming

Mirror with reflection of woman covering herself with towel in bathroom, (B&W), portrait
Mirror with reflection of woman covering herself with towel in bathroom, (B&W), portrait

1. Stop Comparing: This is a big one. This one I struggle with on a daily basis. In this age of Social Media where all we do is post our accomplishments-it's hard not to. I could be a fantastic Zumba Instructor but when I see other instructors with 50-60 people in their class I might feel a certain way. It almost goes against human nature to not compare but you (we) can't let comparison drive us crazy. It's so easy to compare your mom skills, career skills, athletic skills, writing skills-life skills. However, it must be a daily practice to stop the comparison monster in its tracks by appreciating all that you have and all that you can do.

2. Stop Focusing On The Scale: I have mentioned many times that I am not a fan of the scale-I really am a fan of how clothes fit and how a person looks. The number on the scale is just that-a number. If you need to know where you are starting then great, go for it, but don't let it be the end all and be all.

3. Stop Pinching Yourself:
I know I am definitely guilty of grabbing my tummy, or my thighs or wherever else I thought didn't look like how I want it to. Until I realized we can't (all) have the perfect body. There are certain parts of my body that may never look like the way I want it to due to genetics and all that jazz and pinching those body parts only contorts and feeds the monster that is body shaming.

4. Stop Depending on a Certain Size:
I went shopping for the change of season and realized that I was only looking at a certain size, I'd get frustrated if they didn't have a style in my size and rejoice when they did. I realized pretty quickly that I was so locked into a certain number that I could be giving up great clothing because it was one size up. I picked up several sizes some larger, some smaller and when I went into the fitting room they all fit perfectly and I was a very happy with my selections. Which leads me into my next point...

5. Stop Buying Clothes That Are Not Right for Your Body:
I know there have been so many times I have walked past a shop that has a beautiful dress on a mannequin and I get that all too familiar feeling of MUST get that dress! Sometimes I try it on and sometimes it perfect, other times-not so much. We all have amazing items in our closet that simply don't fit right or don't make us feel super beautiful -- we shouldn't settle for anything less than clothes that FIT properly AND make us feel beautiful. One should never feel uncomfortable in the clothing they have purchased for themselves.

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