5 Stress-free Avenues to own a Small Business in Economies ravaged by Deep Recession

5 Stress-free Avenues to own a Small Business in Economies ravaged by Deep Recession
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The world economic system is experiencing a major shakeup. This is significantly noticed in third world and developing countries with mono-economy and total dependent on importation of goods and services.

As a result of these, many countries’ economic systems have been facing various challenges ranging from; how to make their local currency compete favorably with their heavy weight counterpart; (British Pounds, American Dollar and the Euro); how to pay the wage and salaries of public servants; how to stabilize the business environment in order to keep their foreign investors and attract more; how to cater for the retrenched workers from the private sector; and how to calm the nerves of disgruntled masses from protest and taking the law into their own hands.

In the midst of all these anomalies, on one hand, quite a large number of people are suffering; most are living below $1 per day and businesses are folding up. On the other hand, it is surprising, though to many people but not me, that lots of businesses are doing well..

From my little survey, I have found out that the majority of the people suffering from economic recession are those simply don’t want to be productive. By searching for paid employment and folding one’s hand as the recession deepens, many people are fighting for survival. Hence in order to exempt yourself from economic recession today, startup a business. Here are 6 stress-free avenues to do that;

1. Look inward and Discover what you can Offer

Every human is uniquely created to serve a definite purpose on earth. The discovery of that purpose lies our fulfillment. Most people are living a low class life today because they have failed to discover what is inside of them that will turn their life around.

Many people have made a fortune just by discovering their innate skills and discovering a need in their environment. It doesn’t really matter the type and nature of the business. What matters is your state of mind. For instance, producing Natural Laundry Soap that is indispensable as long as human existence is concern.

Apart from this, many people have started small simply by delving into fashion designing, make-over, writing, sculpture, art works, laundry services and carpentry etc. and today, they are top shot.

2. Have a feasible Business Plan

There is no wisdom in building a house without a plan. This is applicable in the world of business. Business is not what you rush into; rather it’s a venture you plan for. This is why millions of businesses are started almost on daily basis across the globe, but only few reach the success level. This is highly connected to how the business was planned.

A feasible business plan immune your business from sudden collapse and attract business partners. If you can’t carry out a feasibility study, find an expert.

3. Try Learning a skill online

There are countless businesses one can learn online. We are in a digital world where one can virtually learn everything online with or without money. Most of those skills will paid dearly to learn in one institution or the other can be learnt online in the comfort of your home.

Entrepreneurship training ranging from web design and development, academic and business research, freelance writing, bead making, make up, fashion designing and forex trading etc. are available online for free or with little financial obligation.

4. Read Books on Business Startups

There a lots of books on business startups that can spur aspiring entrepreneurs to setting up the future multi-million Dollar companies. The advantage of these books is that you can learn from someone’s failures and successes. Hence you have the privilege to start up a business based on one’s successful and proven blueprint.

Andrew Carnegie; the famous industrialist didn’t build a huge fortune because of professional experience or formal education. He worked his way up through the railroad industry and taught himself by reading as much as he could.

Economic recession should not intimidate you, rather it should spur you to be creative, focused and determined to set up a small business that will exempt you from its horrors. By folding your hands and watch events as it unfolds, you are simply a few miles from penury.

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